Understanding the Russo-Ukrainian War: A Guide From War on the Rocks

We at War on the Rocks have curated this list of articles and podcasts to help you gain a deeper understanding of the history, drivers, background, and events of Russia’s massive assault on Ukraine. Whether you are a soldier or a student, a policymaker or a pundit, a teacher or a techie, this will be useful for you.

Critically, these offerings help place the conflict in the broader context of relations and confrontations between Russia and the West. These resources go back to 2014 and are organized by focus: strategy and the military balance, diplomacy, history, resistance, nuclear weapons and arms control, cyber, energy, Russian politics, and more. This list will be updated regularly.

Editor’s note: To mark the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we have updated this guide with all of our material that can help you better understand the conflict. Become a member today to seamlessly access all of these articles and podcasts. 


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Strategy and the Military Balance

Russia’s Winter Offensive,” with Ryan Evans and Michael Kofman (02/2023)

America’s Hidden Tool is Hobbling Russia’s War Machine with Multilateral Impact,” by Deputy Secretary Don Graves (02/2023)

Unfolding Offensives and Counter-Offensives in Ukraine,” with Ryan Evans and Michael Kofman (02/2023)

Learning Lessons from Ukraine: Is Defense Dominant?,” with Melanie Marlowe, Zack Cooper, and Christopher Preble (02/2023) 

One Year of War in Ukraine,” with Melanie Marlowe, Zack Cooper, and Christopher Preble (02/2023)

A Disquieting Winter War in Ukraine,” with Ryan Evans and Michael Kofman (01/2023)

Ukraine and the New Two War Construct,” by Raphael Cohen (01/2023)

The History of Russia’s Military Reforms, Part II,” with Michael Kofman and Aaron Stein (02/2023)

The History of Russia’s Military Reforms, Part I,” with Michael Kofman and Aaron Stein (01/2023)

Manpower, Materiel, and the Coming Decisive Phase in Ukraine,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (01/2023)

Where Russia’s War in Ukraine is Going, Part II,” with Michael Kofman and Dara Massicot (01/2023)

Where Russia’s War in Ukraine is Going, Part I,” with Michael Kofman and Dara Massicot (01/2023)

Nukes, Negotiations, and Lessons From the War in Ukraine,” with Ryan Evans, Andy Akin, Anna Batta, and Mark Conversino (12/2022)

Winter and Beyond: An Inflection Point in the War Over Ukraine,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (12/2022)

Ukraine and the Future of Offensive Maneuver,” by Stephen Biddle (12/2022)

Ukraine Needs Air Defense Assistance to Protect Hard-Won Victories on the Ground,” by Justin Bronk (11/2022)

A Conversation with Ukraine’s Special Operations Commander,” with Ryan Evans and Brig. Gen. Viktor Khorenko (11/2022)

Suspended Inspections and the Future of U.S.-Russian Arms Control,” with Andrey Baklitskiy (12/2022)

Russian Nuclear Weapons Strategy,” with Aaron Stein and Michael Kofman, (12/2022)

Russia at War: A Historical Perspective,” with Michael Kofman and Sergey Radchenko (12/2022)

The Collapse of the Soviet Union, Part I,” with Michael Kofman and Stephen Kotkin (12/2022)

The Collapse of the Soviet Union, Part II,” with Michael Kofman and Stephen Kotkin (12/2022)

Relative Dominance: Russian Naval Power in the Black Sea,” by Daniel Fiott (11/2022)

Revisiting Russian Air Performance in Ukraine, Part II,” with Michael Kofman, Justin Bronk and Jack Watling (11/2022)

Revisiting Russian Air Performance in Ukraine,” with Michael Kofman, Justin Bronk and Jack Watling (11/2022)

The Threat from Belarus,” with Michael Kofman and Konrad Muzyka (11/2022)

The Attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,” with Michael Kofman and Doyle Hodges (11/2022)

The Russia Contingency, Episode 1,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (11/2022)

Southward and Eastward Pressure on Russian Forces,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (10/2022)

Russia’s Partial Military Mobilization,” with Andrew Weiss (9/2020)

Military Lessons from the War in Ukraine,” with Melanie Marlowe, Christopher Preble, and Zack Cooper (9/2022)

The Kremlin in Command, Part I: The Chechen Wars and Georgia,” with Lawrence Freedman and Michael Kofman (9/2022)

The Kremlin in Command, Part II: Syria and the First Assault on Ukraine,” with Lawrence Freedman and Michael Kofman (9/2022)

Russia’s Plan to Stay in the War,” with Michael Kofman (9/2022)

Ukraine’s Kharkhiv Operation and the Russian Military’s Black Week,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (9/2022)

“Into the Breach: Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive Begins,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (9/2022)

Awaiting a Ukrainian Counter-Offensive,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (8/2022)

Amateur Hour Part II: Failing the Air Campaign,” by Mike Pietrucha (8/2022)

Great Expectations? The Next Phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (8/2022)

An Alternative History of AirLand Battle, Part II,” by David Johnson and Zach Alessi-Friedlander (8/2022)

An Alternative History of AirLand Battle, Part I,” by David Johnson and Zach Alessi-Friedlander (8/2022)

Ukraine’s Window of Opportunity?” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (7/2022)

Is the Most Important Battle of the War Coming?” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (7/2022)

A Modern-Day Frederick the Great? The End of Short, Sharp Wars,” by David Johnson (7/2022)

Ukraine and Russia Grapple with Relentless Battle and Attrition,” with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (6/2022)

The Other Big Lessons That the U.S. Army Should Learn from Ukraine,” by David Barno and Nora Bensahel (6/2022)

To Robot or Not to Robot? Past Analysis of Russian Military Robotics and Today’s War in Ukraine,” by Samuel Bendett (6/2022)

Strange Debacle: Misadventures in Assessing Russian Military Power,” by Christopher Dougherty (6/2022)

The Most Dangerous Phase for Ukraine?” War on the Rocks with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (6/2022)

In Denial About Denial: Why Ukraine’s Air Success Should Worry the West,” by Maximilan K. Bremer and Kelly A. Grieco (6/2022)

Not Built for Purpose: The Russian Military’s Ill-Fated Force Design,” by Michael Kofman and Rob Lee (6/2022)

Would We Do Better? Hubris and Validation in Ukraine,” by David Johnson (5/2022)

What the Experts Got Right (and Wrong) About Russian Military Power,” War on the Rocks with Christopher Dougherty, Gian Gentile, Michael Kofman, Dara Massicot, and Ryan Evans (5/2022)

The Battlefields of the Donbass and Beyond,” War on the Rocks with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (5/2022)

The Dubious Prospect of Cargo-Delivery Drones in Ukraine,” by Mark Jacobsen (5/2022)

Counter-Attacks and Can-Kicking in the Russo-Ukrainian War,” War on the Rocks with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (5/2022)

Start with the Political: Explaining Russian’s Bungled Invasion of Ukraine,” by Jeffrey Edmonds (4/2022)

Ukraine’s Military Advantage and Russia’s Stark Choices,” War on the Rocks with Michael Kofman and Ryan Evans (4/2022)

Loitering Munitions in Ukraine and Beyond,” by Brennan Deveraux (4/2022)

The Russo-Ukrainian War at Sea: Retrospect and Prospect,” by B.J. Armstrong (4/2022)

What Artillery and Air Defense Does Ukraine Need Now?” by Michael Jacobson (4/2022)

What the Sinking of the Moskva Means,” with Dmitry Gorenburg (4/2022)

Supporting Ukraine for the Long War,” by Jack Watling (4/2022)

Russia Downscales Its War, But Not in Brutality,” with Ryan Evans and Michael Kofman (4/2022)

The Army, the Government, and the People in the Russo-Ukrainian War,” with Michael Kofman, Mark Pomar, Alexandra Sukalo, and Doyle Hodges (4/2022)

Russian Losses in Ukraine Highlight Manpower Problem,” with Aaron Stein and Michael Kofman (4/2022)

A Proxy War in Ukraine Is the Worst Possible Outcome — Except For All the Others,” by Sam Winter-Levy (3/2022)

A New Phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War Begins,” with Michael Kofman (3/2022)

Will Russia Create New ‘People’s Republics’ in Ukraine?” by Andrew Lohsen (3/2022)

Russia’s Air War in Ukraine,” with Justin Bronk (3/2022)

Russia’s War in Ukraine: How Does this End?” with Zack Cooper, Melanie Marlowe, and Christopher Preble (3/2022)

In the Fourth Week, Is Russia Revising its War Aims Amidst Attrition?” with Michael Kofman (3/2022)

Putin’s Folly: The Case of an Inept Strategist,” by Joshua Rovner (3/2022)

Into the Third Week: Will Russian Forces Need to Pause?” with Michael Kofman (3/2022)

11 Days In: Russia’s Invasion Stumbles Forward,” with Michael Kofman (3/2022)

What We’ve Learned (So Far) About the Russian Military,” with Dmitry Gorenburg (3/2022)

Making the Most of Foreign Volunteers in Ukraine,” by Austin Doctor (3/2022)

The Dangerous Allure of the No-Fly Zone,” by Mike Pietrucha and Mike Benitez (3/2022)

Ukraine and a Guide to Avoiding World War III,” by Aaron Stein (3/2022)

The Wargame Before the War: Russia Attacks Ukraine,” by Jim Lacey, Tim Barrick, and Nathan Barrick (3/2022)

Putin Loses No Matter How This Plays Out, But We Might Too,” by Jean-Baptiste Jeangene Vilmer

Russian Air Force On the Sidelines for Now,” with Justin Bronk

Interpreting the First Few Days of the Russo-Ukrainian War,” War on the Rocks podcast with Michael Kofman (2/2022)

The Russo-Ukrainian War Begins” with Michael Kofman (2/2022)

Moscow Musings on Brinksmanship from Stalin to Putin,” by Sergey Radchenko (2/2022)

Russia Recognizes Breakaway Territories in Eastern Ukraine,” with Emma Ashford (2/2022)

Passports as Pretext: How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Start,” by Fabian Burkhardt (2/2022)

Sources of U.S.-Russian Competition,” with Stephanie Pezard (2/2022)

Putin’s Wager in Russia’s Standoff with the West,” by Michael Kofman (1/2022)

Countering Hybrid Warfare: Mapping Social Contracts to Reinforce Societal Resiliency in Estonia and Beyond,” by Salamah Magnuson, Morgan Keay, Kimberly Metcalf (Texas National Security Review, 1/2022)

What Should NATO Do if Russia Invades Ukraine?” with Lt. Gen. (ret.) Ben Hodges (1/2022)

What Is Russia’s Logic for the Current Crisis?” by Maxim A. Suchkov (1/2022) Note: a perspective from Moscow.

Inching Toward War in Europe,” Horns of a Dilemma with Mary Sarotte (1/2022)

A Heavy Price to Pay?” Net Assessment with Zack Cooper, Melanie Marlowe, and Christopher Preble (1/2021)

Strategic Ambiguity and the Risk of War with Russia Over Ukraine,” by Ralph Clem and Ray Finch (12/2021)

Dangerous Russia-Ukraine Crisis Continues,” with Michael Kofman (12/2021)

Feeding the Bear: A Closer Look at Russian Army Logistics and the Fait Accompli,” by Alex Vershinin (11/2021)

Salami Tactics: Faits Accomplis and International Expansion in the Shadow of Major War,” by Richard W. Maas (Texas National Security Review, 11/2021)

New Russian Build-Up on Ukrainian Border,” with Michael Kofman (11/2021)

Immediate Russia-Ukraine Crisis Seems Over…For Now,” with Michael Kofman (4/2021)

Russia and the West on the Brink,” with Michael Kofman (4/2021)

Russia’s Military Build-Up Around Ukraine Continues,” with Michael Kofman (4/2021)

Russia Deploys Military to Ukrainian Border,” with Michael Kofman (4/2021)

The Moscow School of Hard Knocks: Key Pillars of Russian Strategy,” by Michael Kofman (11/2019)

It’s Time to Talk About A2/AD: Rethinking the Russian Military Challenge,” by Michael Kofman (9/2019)

How the Big Bear Used Hybrid Warfare in its Backyard,” Horns of a Dilemma with Liam Collins (5/2019)

Raiding and International Brigandry: Russia’s Strategy for Great Power Competition,” by Michael Kofman (6/2018)

Russian Hybrid War As a Byproduct of a Hybrid State,” by Mark Galeotti (12/2016)

Ukraine and the Art of Crisis Management” by Lawrence Freedman (4/2015)

Ukraine and the Art of Limited War,” by Lawrence Freedman (10/2014)

Ukraine and the Art of Exhaustion,” by Lawrence Freedman (8/2015)

Russia and Ukraine: Not the Military Balance You Think,” by Dmitry Gorenburg (11/2014)




Roots of the Resistance: Understanding National Identity in Ukraine,” by Aaron Erlich (4/2022)

Of Roadside Bombs and Drones: Putin’s Looming Insurgency Problem,” by Scott Sweetow (4/2022)

U.S. Public Perceptions of the Russian-Ukrainian War,” with Dina Smeltz (3/2022)

Oft Forgotten But Critical Elements of Ukrainian Resistance,” by Walter Haynes (3/2022)

Lessons from Finland for Ukraine and Its Foreign Legion,” by Elizabeth M.F. Grasmeder (3/2022)

Can Ukrainian Resistance Foil a Russian Victory?” by Brian Petit (2/2022)

The Changing Face of Russian Counter-Irregular Warfare,” by Benjamin Arbitter and Kurt Carlson (12/2021)



Diplomacy and Sanctions

U.S.-Russian Relations Can Still Get Worse,” by Hanna Notte (02/2023)

The Enduring Russian Impediment to U.S.-Indian Relations,” by Erin Mello (02/2023)

Mercenary Shocks: What the War in Ukraine Will Eventually Mean for Africa,” by Raphael Parens (02/2023)

American Defense Priorities After Ukraine,” by Frank Hoffman (01/2023)

Learning to Train: What Washington and Taipei Can Learn from Security Cooperation in Ukraine and the Baltic States,” by Jerad Harper and Michael A. Hunzeker (01/2023)

German Policy Towards Ukraine,” with Sophia Besch (01/2023)

Turkey’s Russian Red Light in Syria,” by Sam Heller (12/2022)

Don’t Expect Any More Russian Help on the Iran Nuclear Deal,” by Hanna Notte (11/2022)

Indian-Russian Relations and What it Means for the United States,” with Dr. Sharinee Jagtiani (11/2022)

Russia and the Black Sea Grain Deal,” with Ayla Jean Yackley (11/2022)

Winter in Europe: Surveying the Continent,” with Ian Lesser (10/2022)

Winter in Europe: Political Divisions and the Periphery (Episode 2),” with Erika Solomon (10/2022)

When You Wish Upon a Tsar,” with Daniel Fata (9/2022)

What Does the Weaponization of Global Finance Mean for U.S. Dollar Dominance?” by Elliot Hentov, Ramu Thiagarajan, and Aaron Hurd (9/2022)

Political Change in Sweden,” with Paul Levin (9/2022)

Strengthening the Black Sea Grain Agreement Short of War,” by Michael Petersen and James G. Foggo III (8/2022)

The Sword, the Shield, and the Hedgehog: Strengthening Deterrence in NATO’s New Strategic Concept,” by Sean Monaghan (8/2022)

Before Deploying More U.S. Forces to Europe, Consider the Consequences,” by Alexander Sorg and Julian Wucherpfennig (8/2022)

Breadbasket Diplomacy: Preserving Wheat as a Tool of American Statecraft,” by Rosella Cappella Zielinski and Justin Gilpin (8/2022)

The United Nations Hasn’t Been Useless on Ukraine,” by Richard Gowan (7/2022)

Ukrainian Grain Exports,” with Laura Pitel (7/2022)

Russia in Default,” with Chris Miller (6/2022)

Don’t Let Russia Dominate the Strategic Concept,” by Jordan Becker, Douglas Lute, and Simon Smith (6/2022)

Can Diplomacy End the Russo-Ukrainian War?” with Oleg Ignatov (6/2022)

The Next Phase of Oil Embargoes,” with Emily Holland (6/2022)

Sanctioned Behavior,” Horns of a Dilemma with Erik Sand (6/2022)

War Crime and Punishment,” Horns of a Dilemma with Derek Jinks (5/2022)

The Moldovan Dimension,” with Stanislav Secrieru (5/2022)

From Iraq to Ukraine: A New Perspective on the Russian-Western Confrontation,” by Samuel Helfont (5/2022)

Solidarity with Ukraine,” with Lech Walesa (5/2022)

To Really Hurt Russia’s Economy, Target Investment and Human Capital, Not Gas,” by Seth Benzell (5/2022)

Is Hungary Ukraine’s Biggest Problem in the European Union?” by Hadas Aron and Emily Holland (4/2022)

What the U.S. Visit to Ukraine Means,” with Michael Kofman

The Putinomics Playbook Won’t Work Forever,” by Chris Miller (4/2022)

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and NATO’s Crisis of Nuclear Credibility“, by by Tyler Bowen (4/2022)

The End of Strategic Cacophony? The Russo-Ukrainian War and the Future of NATO” by Jason W. Davidson (4/2022)

CEOs Beware: “Feel-Good” Isolation of Russia Might Make Things Worse,” by Molly M. Melin (4/2022)

A Mixed Bag: Putin’s Ukraine War and the Fight Against Europe’s Authoritarians,” by Mason Richey (4/2022)

The Work to Come: Russia, Ukraine, and the West at the Negotiating Table,” by Tom Hill (3/2022)

The Personal Face of International Tension: Hostage Diplomacy and Russia’s War in Ukraine,” with Danielle Gilbert (3/2022)

Duty Bound to Disaster: Beware the Imperative in Foreign Policymaking,” by Michael Mazarr (3/2022)

The Wisdom of Nuclear Carve-Outs From the Russian Sanctions Regime,” by Richard M. Nephew (3/2022)

Making Coercion Work Against Russia,” Jane Vaynman, Tristan A. Volpe (3/2022)

Is the West Laissez-Faire About Economic Warfare?” by Esfandyar Batmanghelidj (3/2022)

The Russian Sanctions Regime and the Risk of Catastrophic Success,” by Erik Sand and Suzanne Freeman (3/2022)

A Case for French Leadership on Ukraine,” by Gesine Weber (3/2022)

The Unfreezable Asset: Gold, Sanctions, and Russia,” by Daniel McDowell (3/2022)

Russian Economy Rocked By Unprecedented Western Sanctions,” with Julia Friedlander (3/2022)

A Letter from Moscow: (In)Divisible Security and Helsinki 2.0,” by Alexander Graef and Ulrich Kühn (2/2022)

How Would the American Public Respond to an Invasion of Ukraine?,” by Jordan Tama and Dina Smeltz (2/2022)

As Finland Watches: From Alignment to Alliance?” by Matti Pesu (2/2022)

Why Germany Behaves the Way That it Does,” by Marcel Dirsus (2/2022)

Leaked Documents Outline Western Response to Russian Demands,” with James Goldgeier (2/2022)

Who is Willing to Fight Over Ukraine?” with Olga Oliker (1/2022)

The Time for Diplomacy with Russia Over Ukraine is Running Out,” with Samuel Charap (1/2022)

The Berlin Crisis, Ukraine, and the 5 Percent Problem,” by Sergey Radchenko (12/2021)

Call Putin Out By Negotiating,” by Ryan Evans (12/2021)

America’s Alliance Management Challenge in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis,” with Rachel Rizzo (12/2021)

Towards a Transatlantic Strategy on Russia Sanctions,” by Maria Shagina (12/2021)

Solving the Russia Riddle,” Net Assessment with Zack Cooper, Melanie Marlowe, and Christopher Preble (7/2021)

Why NATO Should Not Offer Ukraine and Georgia Membership Action Plans,” by Henrik B.L. Larsen (6/2021)

Expanding the Scope for Statecraft in U.S. Russia Policy,” by Samuel Charap (5/2021)

An Episode of Existential Uncertainty: The Ontological Security Origins of the War in Donbas,” by Brendan Chrzanowski (Texas National Security Review, 5/2021)

A Crisis of Diverging Perspectives: U.S.-Russian Relations and the Security Dilemma,” by Charles E. Ziegler (Texas National Security Review, 11/20)

Desperate Measures: The Effects of Economic Isolation on Warring Powers,” by Eric Sands (Texas National Security Review, 4/2020)

A People-Centered Approach to Conflict Resolution in Ukraine,” by Céline Marangé (7/2019)

NATO at 70: Will Continued Expansion Endanger Americans?” by Will Ruger (4/2019)

NATO Expansion Got Some Big Things Right,” by Mike Sweeney (3/2019)

It’s Long Past Time to Stop Expanding NATO,” by Matthew Cancian and Mark Cancian (3/2019)

Implementing the Minsk Agreement Might Drive Ukraine to Civil War,” by Jonathan Brunson (1/2019)

Yes, it Is a New Cold War. What Is to Be Done?” by Raymond Smith (4/2018)

NATO’s Open Door Leads to an Identity Crisis,” by Emma Ashford (6/2016)

Radically Rethinking NATO and European Security,” by Job C. Henning and Douglas Ollivant (3/2016)



Nuclear Weapons, Security, and Arms Control

Russian Nuclear Weapons Strategy,” with Michael Kofman and Aaron Stein (12/2022)

We Are On a Path to Nuclear War,” by Jeremy Shapiro (10/2022)

Russia’s Nuclear Doctrine,” with Anya Fink (9/2022)

Suspended Inspections and the Future of Arms Control,” with Pavel Podvig (8/2022)

Weak States and Loose Arms: Lessons and Warnings, from Afghanistan to Ukraine,” by Kerry Chávez and Ori Swed (7/2022)

Who Is Deterring Whom? The Place of Nuclear Weapons in Modern War,” by Jeffrey Lewis and Aaron Stein (6/2022)

Western Leaders Ought to Take Escalation Over Ukraine Seriously,” by Michael Lopate and Bear Braumoeller (6/2022)

Cyber Signaling and Nuclear Deterrence: Implications for the Ukraine Crisis,” by Erica Lonergan and Keren Yarhi-Milo (4/2022)

Understanding Putin’s Nuclear Decision-Making,” by Kristin Ven Bruusgaard (3/2022)

The Fallout from Russia’s Attack on Ukrainian Nuclear Facilities,” by William Potter (3/2022)

What Would Russia’s Break with the West Mean for Nuclear Arms Control,” by Hanna Notte and Sarah Bidgood (2/2022)

Why Intermediate-Range Missiles are a Focal Point in the Ukraine Crisis,” by Brennan Deveraux (1/2022)

Escalation Management and Nuclear Employment in Russian Military Strategy,” by Michael Kofman and Anya Loukianova Fink (6/2020)

The Post-INF European Missile Balance: Thinking About NATO’s Deterrence Strategy,” by Luis Simón and Alexander Lanoszka (Texas National Security Review, 5/2020)


Germany Rearming?

Making the Sea Change Real: What Germany and Allies Can Do,” by Aylin Matlé (5/2022)

Beware of Potemkin: Germany’s Defense Rethink Risks Reinforcing Old Habits,” by Torben Schütz, Joseph Verbovszky, and Heiko Borchert (4/2022)

How the Bundeswehr Should Spend Its Money,” by Michael Shurkin (3/2022)

Waking a Sleeping Giant: What’s Next for German Security Policy?” by Sophia Besch and Sarah Brockmeier (3/2022)




Bulgaria Lessens Dependence on Russian Energy, with Dimitar Bechev (01/2023)

Permanent Rupture: The European-Russian Energy Relationship Has Ended with Nord Stream,” by Emily Holland (10/2022)

Why OPEC+ Cut Oil Production,” with Gregory Brew (10/2022)

The Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions,” with Emily Holland (09/2022)

German Energy Crisis,” with Emily Holland (8/2022)

Reviving the Petroleum Administration for War: A Case for Government-Industry Partnership,” by Ryan Kellogg and David Brunnert (8/2022)

Europe’s Russian Gas Woes,”  with Emily Holland (4/2022)

The Urgent Case for Energy Austerity,” by Emily Holland and Marco Giuli (3/2022)

The Meaning of Biden’s Russian Energy Import Ban,” with Emily Holland (3/2022)

From Pledges to Action? Europe’s Move Away from Russian Fossil Fuels,” by Gregory Brew (3/2022)

Germany Changes Course on Nordstream 2,” with Katja Yafimava (2/2022)

Europe’s Dependence on Russian Energy,” with Emily Holland (1/2022)

Europe’s Energy Security Problem Leaves it in the Cold,” by Emily Holland (11/2021)




The Iran-Iraq War and the Lessons for Ukraine,” by Ronan P. Mainprize (02/2023)

The Triumphs and Tribulations of Peter the Great: What Putin’s View of 18th-Century Warfare Can Tell Us About Ukraine,” by Alexander Burns (01/2023)

Lessons from the First Time Russia Accused the United States of Biowarfare,” by Conrad Crane (3/2022)

The History Behind the U.S.-Russian Showdown in Europe,” with Mary Sarotte (1/2022)

A Promising Past?” Horns of a Dilemma with James Goldgeier (7/2021)

Growing and Shrinking,” Horns of a Dilemma with James Goldgeier, Alexandra Hall Hall, and Doyle Hodges (7/21)

On Kicking a Great Power When It’s Down,” by William Wohlforth (7/2020)

Promises Made, Promises Broken? What Yeltsin Was Told About NATO in 1993 and Why It Matters,” by James Goldgeier (11/2019)

Bill and Boris: A Window Into a Most Important Post-Cold War Relationship,” by James Goldgeier (Texas National Security Review, 8/2018)

Less Whole, Less Free, Less at Peace: Whither America’s Strategy for a Post-Cold War Europe,” by James Goldgeier (2/2018)

The Budapest Memorandum and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis,” by David Yost (6/2015)




What’s Old Is New Again: Cold War Lessons for Countering Disinformation,” by Calder Walton (9/2022)

Assess Russia’s Cyber Performance Without Repeating Its Past Mistakes,” by Gavin Wilde (7/2022)

Gray Zone, Twilight Zone, or Danger Zone? Russian Cyber and Information Operations in Ukraine,” with Christopher Krebs and Bobby Chesney (3/2022)

Russia’s Missing Cyber Capabilities,” with Rupal Mehta (3/2022)

Why Russian Cyber Dogs Have Mostly Failed to Bark,” Jelena Vićić and Rupal N. Mehta (3/2022)

Preventing Cyber Escalation in Ukraine and After,” by Jason Healey (3/2022)

There is No Cyber Shock and Awe: Plausible Threats in the Ukrainian Conflict,” by Lennart Maschmeyer and Nadiya Kostyuk (2/2022)

Great Power Cyber Party,” War on the Rocks podcast with Dmitri Alperovitch, Erica Borghard, and Jason Healey (4/2021)




To Defeat Autocracy, Weaponize Transparency,” by Garrett Berntsen and Ryan Fedasiuk (8/2022)

Intelligence and War: Does Secrecy Still Matter?” by Joshua Rovner (5/2022)

Intelligence and the War in Ukraine: Part 2,” by Naveen Shaaban Abdalla, Philip H. J. Davies, Kristian Gustafson, Dan Lomas, and Steven Wagner (5/2022)

Intelligence and the War in Ukraine: Part 1,” by Naveen Shaaban Abdalla, Philip H. J. Davies, Kristian Gustafson, Dan Lomas, and Steven Wagner (5/2022)

Intelligence Disclosures in the Ukraine Crisis and Beyond,” by Jake Harrington (3/2022)

Can Intelligence Tell How Far Putin Will Go?” by Calder Walton (2/2022)



Middle East Spillover

Ukraine’s Consequences Are Finally Spreading to Syria,” by Mona Yacoubian (01/2023)

Iran At War in Ukraine,” with Sam Bendett (12/2022)

How Much Multipolarity Does a Strongman Need?: Why Erdogan Has Benefited From Russia’s Failure in Ukraine,” by Nicholas Danforth (9/2022)

At the Seam of Three Regions: The Case for More Basing and Access in Greece and Cyprus,” by Aaron Stein (7/2022)

Dogfight Over the Aegean: Turkish-Greek Relations in Light of Ukraine,” by Ryan Gingeras (6/2022)

Will Western-Russian Confrontation Shake the Middle East?” by Hanna Notte (3/2022)

If Putin Stumbles, Will Erdogan Recalibrate?” by Ryan Gingeras (3/2022)

What Russia’s New Reality Means for Turkey,” by Selim Kori (2/2022)

From Ankara with Implications: Turkish Drones and Alliance Entrapment,” by Aaron Stein (12/2021)



Asian Echoes

Learning to Train: What Washington and Taipei Can Learn from Security Cooperation in Ukraine and the Baltic States,” by Jerad Harper and Michael A. Hunzeker (01/2023)

America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Runs Through Ukraine,” by Luis Simon (12/2022)

Ukraine’s Dream Could Be Taiwan’s Nightmare,” by Michael Spirtas (11/2022)

As Russia Reels, Eurasia Roils,” with Jeffrey Mankoff (10/2022)

What the Indian Military Won’t Learn From the War in Ukraine,” by Anit Mukherjee (6/2022)

Helping India Replace Russia in the Value Arms Market,” by Vasabjit Banerjee and Benjamin Tkach (5/2022)

A Flurry of Diplomacy Between India and America,” with Tanvi Madan (4/2022)

After Ukraine, Where Will India Buy Its Weapons?” by Vasabjit Banerjee and Benjamin Tkach (4/2022)

Is India ‘Shaky’ on Ukraine? It’s Complicated,” with Tanvi Madan and Ryan Evans (4/2022)

Saving Central Asia from Putin’s Embrace,” by Gregory Gleason (4/2022)

China’s Approach to Russia’s War Against Ukraine,” with Yun Sun (3/2022)

India’s Russia Dilemma,” with Akriti Vasudeva (3/2022)



Russian and Ukrainian Politics

Public Politics in the Wartime Russian Dictatorship,” by Julian G. Waller (01/2023)

Ukraine’s Long-Term Road to Recovery,” by Collin Meisel (12/2023)

Winter in Europe: A View from Ukraine (Episode 3),” with Yevgeniya Gaber (10/2022)

Winter in Europe: Russia’s Under Sanctions (Episode 4),” with Chris Miller (10/2022)

Will Putin’s War Continue Without Him,” Shawn Cochran (10/2022)

A Ukrainian State of Mind,” by Siamak Tundra Naficy (4/2022)

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A Tangled Web: Organized Crime and Oligarchy in Putin’s Russia,” by Louise Shelley (11/2018)



Is Putin a Good Strategist?

Putin, Pretext, and the Dark Side of the ‘Responsibility to Protect,’” by John Reid (5/2022)

When Strongmen Invade, They Bring Their Pathologies With Them,” by Akar Bharadvaj and Kevin Woods (5/2022)

Putin the Planner,” by Andrew Goodman (4/2022)

Dealing with Putin’s Strategic Incompetence,” by Joshua Rovner (8/2015)

Putin is a Far Better Strategist Than You Think,” by Michael Kofman (9/2015)

Searching for Strategy in Putin’s Russia,” by Joshua Rovner (9/2015)


China’s Lessons

The Future of China’s Cognitive Warfare: Lessons from the War in Ukraine,” by Koichiro Takagi (7/2022)

Beijing’s Ukrainian Battle Lab,” by David Finkelstein (5/2022)

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Eight New Points on the Porcupine: More Ukrainian Lessons for Taiwan,” by Andrew Erickson and Gabriel Collins (4/2022)

Ukraine Shows Why Taiwan Needs More Air Defense,” by Harry Halem and Eyck Freymann (4/2022)

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Taiwan is Not Ukraine: Stop Linking Their Fates Together,” by Kharis Templeman (1/2022)


Latin American Ties

Explaining Latin America’s Contradictory Reactions to the War in Ukraine,” by J. Luis Rodriguez (4/2022


Space Implications

Russia and the International Space Station,” with Brian Weeden (7/2022)

Sanctions and Satellites: The Space Industry After the Russo-Ukrainian War,” by Jeremy Grunert (6/2022)

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Image: Government of Ukraine