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India’s Russia Dilemma

March 17, 2022

Episode Notes:

The U.N. Security Council voted on a resolution last week condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The resolution received 11 votes in favor, while Russia was the only country that voted against it. Three countries abstained from voting — China, the United Arab Emirates, and India. India’s vote surprised some observers, but South Asia experts see New Delhi’s stance as a continuation of close longstanding ties between India and Russia.

To help explain India’s stance on the Russian-Ukrainian War, we’re joined on the Warcast by Akriti Vasudeva. Akriti is a fellow with the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center, and the author of the journal article, “The Influence of Arms: Explaining the Durability of India–Russia Alignment.”

[ 01:02 ] India’s dilemma

[ 03:38 ] History

[ 07:12 ] U.S.-Indian relations

[ 10:02 ] What’s next

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