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New Russian Military Buildup on Ukrainian Border

November 9, 2021

Episode Notes:

Russia appears to be engaged in a major military buildup on its border with Ukraine. Officials in the West are worried that this is a prelude to a new military offensive. President Joe Biden reportedly sent CIA Director William Burns to warn the Kremlin that the United States was watching the buildup of troops and equipment with growing concern.

To discuss the latest from Russia and Ukraine, we’re joined once again on the Warcast by Michael Kofman. Michael is the director of the Russia Studies Program at CNA; a fellow at the Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center; and a adjunct senior fellow in the Transatlantic Security Program at CNAS.

[ 01:00 ] Russia's latest moves

[ 02:44 ] Similarities/differences from spring buildup

[ 04:50 ] Russia's redlines

[ 07:46 ] Ukraine's response

[ 08:53 ] Russian invasion by Christmas

[ 10:38 ] U.S. diplomatic options

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