The Kremlin in Command, Part II: Syria and the First Assault on Ukraine

September 28, 2022

Lawrence Freedman and Michael Kofman walk us through the post-Cold War history of the Kremlin as commander. In the second episode of this multi-part series, they focus on Russia’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War and its first assault on Ukraine in the aftermath of Euromaidan. In Syria in particular, Moscow thinks it makes major progress on command and high-tech targeting, but that later proves to be something of a mirage.



The Western intervention in Libya is also an important part of this period, informing how Putin views threats to his own power and influence. Ukraine soon reveals itself to be an unresolved issue for Moscow. Don’t miss the first part of this discussion, which focuses on the First and Second Chechen Wars as well as the Russo-Georgian War of 2008. In these episodes, Freedman draws on his new book, Command: The Politics of Military Operations from Korea to Ukraine.

Image: Russian Ministry of Defense

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