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The Russo-Ukrainian War Begins

February 24, 2022

Episode Notes:

Early this morning, Russia launched a major military operation against Ukraine. In Vladimir Putin’s words, the objective is to “demilitarize” the country. The assault has included air and missile strikes, artillery fire, and a ground invasion. Thousands of civilians are fleeing Ukraine and seeking refuge in neighboring countries. After a months-long military buildup and last-ditch diplomatic efforts to avert a conflict, the Russo-Ukrainian War has begun.

To discuss the latest, we’re joined by Michael Kofman. Michael is the director of the Russia Studies Program at CNA and a fellow at the Wilson Center, Kennan Institute.

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[ 00:54 ] Russia’s invasion

[ 02:01 ] Ukrainian response

[ 03:17 ] Chernobyl

[ 03:56 ] Surprises

[ 04:48 ] What happens next

[ 05:07 ] Watching the war unfold

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