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Russian Air Force on the Sidelines For Now

March 1, 2022

Episode Notes:

The Russian air force has played a surprisingly limited role in the first few days of Russia’s most recent invasion of Ukraine. For the most part, it has kept the 300 or so combat aircraft within striking distance of Ukraine on the ground. The move has allowed the Ukrainian air force to conduct air defense and ground attack sorties, to deadly effect. However, many expect the Russian air force to assume a more prominent role in the conflict in the coming days.

To discuss the Russian air force, we’re joined today on the Warcast by Justin Bronk. Justin is the Research Fellow for Airpower and Technology in the Military Sciences team at Royal United Services Institute in London. He is also editor of the RUSI Defence Systems online journal, and the author of the recent article, “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Russian Air Force.”

[ 01:07 ] First days of Russian invasion

[ 01:48 ] Explanations for limited role

[ 07:50 ] Making the adjustment

[ 08:49 ] Next few days

[ 11:52 ] What the West can provide Ukraine now

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