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Why Israel Should Be Worried About Russia’s Role in Syria
Six Seductive Stories That Undercut the Army
Civilianizing Military Justice? Sorry, It Can’t — and Shouldn’t — Work
Russia’s Counterterrorism Gamble in Syria and the Caucasus
Lingering Questions over the U.S.–China Cyber Affirmation
The Fall of Kunduz and What it Means for the Future of Afghanistan
Sexual Assault in the Military and the Unlawful Command Influence Catch-22
Jack Galvin: Cold War General and 21st Century Role Model
Got Landpower?
Corbyn’s Strategic Ignorance Would Make Him a Dangerous Prime Minister
How Not to Fight the Islamic State
Why is Pakistan’s Army Chief So Popular?
Rugby: The Soldier-Making Game
Weekend Reading: October 2–4 Edition
Doting Father and Feminist: The Other Side of Saddam’s Half-Brother, the Head of the Iraqi Secret Police
The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Self-Delusions of American Naval Power

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