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Sinking a Wrong Idea, Again
Got Landpower?
Why is Pakistan’s Army Chief So Popular?
Rugby: The Soldier-Making Game
Doting Father and Feminist: The Other Side of Saddam’s Half-Brother, the Head of the Iraqi Secret Police
The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Self-Delusions of American Naval Power
How the U.S. Army Remains the Master of Landpower
On Killing and Breaking Things
How the OSS Shaped the CIA and American Special Ops
Ahrar al-Sham’s Revisionist Jihadism
Why is America Tactically Terrific but Strategically Slipshod?
The Five-Ring Circus: How Airpower Enthusiasts Forgot About Interdiction
On the Politicization of Intelligence
Can the Libyans Close a Peace Deal?
The Pro-Carrier Argument the Navy Cannot Make
This Big Bomb Should Not Go to Israel

The Schoolhouse

Beyond Offset