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Walk with the Devil: Evil Bargains and the Islamic State
A Bigger Navy and the Spirit of 2007
Another Chance to Watch Star Wars with Sam: Marines in Ramadi
Don’t Bother Working Through Baghdad
A Bigger Navy and the Spirit of 2007
Price-Tag Attacks Against Palestinians Are About the Nature of the Jewish State
Is the Islamic State Winning or Losing?
A Relentless Conversation About JSOC
How the Iran Deal Could Complicate U.S. Efforts to Prevent a Nuclear Breakout
Is the United States Cutting Pakistan Off? The Politics of Military Aid
Weekend Reading: August 28-30
(W)Archives: A Civil War Surgeon’s Thoughts on the Eve of a Bloody Battle
Is America an Empire?
Scholars Help Policymakers Know Their Tools
Turkey’s Syria Strategy: All About Domestic Politics?
The Inter-Service Wars Are Looking Like Calvinball

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