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“WOTR Podcast: A Big Debate About a Little Nuke,” with Frank Miller, Olga Oliker, Vipin Narang, Usha Sahay, and Ryan Evans

“Why America Must Modernize Its Nuclear Forces,” by Peter Huessy

“Air Force in Crisis, Part III: Dear Boss, It’s All About the Culture,” by Mike Benitez

“Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario: Building Coalitions Left of Boom,” by Mike Nelson

“A Crucial First Step for Negotiating With North Korea,” by John Wolfsthal

“Russia’s Chemical Romance: Don’t Call It a WMD Attack,” by Al Mauroni

“With America Choosing Protectionism, Can the New TPP Survive?” by Roland Rajah

“How the Network Generation Is Changing the Millennial Military,” by K.C. Reid

“Jim Mattis Fires a Clear Warning Shot,” by David Barno and Nora Bensahel

“Bombshell: Not Bringing Rexy Back,” with Erin Simpson, Loren DeJonge Schulman, Radha Iyengar, and Lindsey Ford

“Revising Japan’s Peace Constitution: Much Ado About Nothing,” by Jeffrey W. Hornung

“The War Between People in Ukraine,” by Ilmari Käihkö

“The Andaman and Nicobar Islands: India’s Eastern Anchor in a Changing Indo-Pacific,” by Darshana M. Baruah

“From Al-Qaeda to ISIL: Continuity and Change in the Jihadist Movement,” by Stephen Tankel (originally published in the Texas National Security Review)

“How the U.S.-China Intellectual Property Dispute Could Play Out,” by John Edwards

“Death of a General: What Shaban Nasiri Reveals About Iran’s Secretive Qods Force,” by Amir Toumaj

“Notes of Caution on the Navy’s Forthcoming Force Structure Assessment,” by Bryan McGrath

“The Psychology of Perceiving Uncertainty,” by Brad DeWees

“Truth, Power, and the Academy: A Response to Hal Brands,” by John Glaser

“Red Glare: The Origin and Implications of Russia’s ‘New’ Nuclear Weapons,” by Austin Long

“A Way Forward For NATO Allies: Cope With Trump While Preparing for a Post-Trump Future,” by Stanley R. Sloan

“The Once and Future InfoWars,” by T.S. Allen

“Living in Trump’s World: The Global Reaction to ‘America First,'” by Hal Brands and Peter Feaver

“The Precarious State of Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Trump,” by Lindsey P. Cohn (originally published in the Texas National Security Review)

“The Navy and Marine Corps Need to Prepare for the Swarm of the Future,” by David Pinion

“Walls and Ladders: The Latest UN Panel of Experts Report on North Korea Sanctions,” by Andrea Berger and Shea Cotton

“Looking Beyond the Generals in the Room: The Real Cause of America’s Civil-Military Malaise,” by Raphael S. Cohen (originally published in the Texas National Security Review)

“With Its New ‘White Book,’ France Looks to Become a World-Class Player in Cyber Space,” by Boris Toucas

“Horns of a Dilemma: Even Cybersecurity is Bigger in Texas,” with Amy Zegart

“Strategies of Attainment,” by C. Lee Shea (please note the date this was published)

“The French Way of War (on the Rocks),” by Usha Sahay

“War Planning Must Include Domestic Plans, Too,” by J. Michael Barrett

“The Emigrant Sisters Return: The Growing Role of the Islamic State’s Women,” by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Vivian Hagerty, and Logan Macnair

“Bombshell: Long Legs and Brains,” with Erin Simpson, Loren DeJonge Schulman, Radha Iyengar, and Kori Schake

“More Than Militias: Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces Are Here to Stay,” by Renad Mansour

“Failures of Imagination: The Military’s Biggest Acquisition Challenge,” by Jarrett Lane and Michelle Johnson

Trust, Troops, and Reapers: Getting ‘Drone’ Research Right,” by Cory T. Anderson, Dave Blair, Mike Byrnes, Joe Chapa, Amanda Collazzo, Scott Cuomo, Olivia Garard, Ariel M. Schuetz, and Scott VanOort

“The Geostrategic Challenge – And Opportunity – of the South Pacific,” by Charles Edel (originally published by The Interpreter)

“China Welcomes Its Newest Armed Force: The Coast Guard,” by Lyle Morris

“Between a Rock and Dynamite: American Options in the Face of the Turkish-YPG Crisis,” by Burak Kadercan

“America’s Arms Sales Policy: Security Abroad, Not Jobs at Home,” by Jonathan Caverley

“15 Big Ideas to Operationalize America’s Indo-Pacific Strategy,” by Eric Sayers

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