Context is All


Bombshell takes a step back to offer some context to the whirlwind of Ukraine and related investigations: what’s with Ukraine’s political trajectory, why is it a magnet for crises involving external actors these days, and how is it being impacted by today’s scandals?  In Trump’s trade negotiations with China, how have elections become intertwined with those discussions? Turning to the White House, President Trump has had multiple crises emerge from calls with foreign leaders – how does his process shape those results. The NSC staff is wrapped up with today’s whistleblower investigation – who are they, and how can their role be politicized? In reacting to these events, President Trump’s language has taken an authoritarian tinge—what does political science tell us about his actions? And lastly, the president has suggested violence may erupt if he’s pushed out of office – how should we think about the military’s role in such scenarios?





Impeachment legal Counsel Advice

  • Radha Iyengar, Tweet, October 2, 2019

Trump Leader Calls