Bombshell: Lie [Down] and Think of The Queen


Bombshell welcomes back Amanda Sloat to dish on all the drama across the pond – Brexit, the selection of the new Tory leader, and Trump’s visit, which was surely not (short)waisted [sic]. Foreign relations are a-twitter with elections in the European Union and Israel (yes, again). And Kim Jong Un thumbed his nose at the world to show that he of course does not murder his failed negotiators – he just imprisons them. The Trump administration has launched another salvo in a trade war with Mexico the same week it noticed USMC-A to Congress, proving that we do indeed contain multitudes. And did you happen to hear about what’s going on with the USS John S. McCain? Also, Radha watched Good Omens and you should too.




Trade – Mexico

Trade – China

EU Election

NK Executions


Israeli Elections

USS McCain