The 2018 Bombshell Holiday Gift Guide

natsec ornament

Bombshell fans will find what their heart desires (or what they owe in the office White Elephant) and much more for the holiday season below. This list highlights books, booze, and other delights featured on the podcast this year. 


Bad Blood, John Carreyrou

The rise and fall of Theranos makes for a surprising page turner.

Beastie Boys Book, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz

We’re here for all your Gen X pop-culture needs.

Neapolitan Novels, Elena Ferrante

An ode to impossible friends — the ones who will be a permanent part of driving you insane, with love.

The Seraphina + Tess Series, Rachel Hartman

Meeting your young adult fantasy/dragon/extra-competent women fictional requirements.

Death Comes to Pemberley, P.D. James

A murder mystery is a great chance to catch up with all your friends from Pride and Prejudice.

Macbeth, Jo Nesbo

Shakespeare’s classic play, now a Scottish noir thriller.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Samin Nosrat

The book that inspired the popular Netflix series on the most amazing food on the planet.

Gaudy Night, Dorothy Sayers

Have you ever wanted to solve mysteries, study at Oxford, or be wooed by a rakish, charming British war hero? Well, have I got a story for you.

Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson

We’ve only mentioned it a million times on Bombshell, so it’s time to give in. (No, you’re dreaming of Bobby Shaftoe.)



Westland, American Single Malt

An elegant whiskey for a less civilized age.

Aberfeldy, 12yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Scotch even a bourbon drinker can enjoy.

Heritage, Brown Sugar Bourbon

Imagine getting very cozily drunk off pecan pie.

St. Francis Port

Don’t drink the whole bottle in one sitting…or do, we won’t judge.



Nars Velvet Lip Matte Duo

These lip pencils will change your life.

Fresh Lip Trio

Perfect stocking stuffer for those who know they need it and those who will realize it soon enough.

Snail Goo Eye Patches

Believe the hype, ignore the squeamishness.

Hanacure Masks

Be careful not to get hooked!

Rent the Runway Update Subscription

Soothe your fashion addiction without making a commitment.



4P Foods Meat Subscription (for giftees in the D.C. area)

A community-supported agriculture subscription that sends local carnivore treats to your front door.

Nduja: Spreadable Salami

I’ll spread your…no, I can’t.

Fennel Pollen

A gift from the Spice House that chefs of Mediterranean cooking will love.

Bee’s Knees Spicy Honey

Put it on pizza. Trust us.

Liberty London Tea

Pretend like you’re much fancier than you really are.



Bombshell Gear

Get your “Process is my Valentine” mugs and more!

Effin’ Birds Gear

Be a goddamn delight.

Notebook/Pen of the Month Subscription

For the paper nerds in your life.

Star Wars Tikis

Necessary glassware.

Fantasy Travel Posters

Delight nerds of all stripes with these movie-inspired vintage travel posters.

A Raft of Otters (and other collective noun posters)

From the designers of all the Harry Potter things, comes some gorgeous British wordplay.


They make a nice gift.


Image: Terry Johnston