ICYMI: The War of the Gray Wars Continues

February 6, 2016

Noted scholar and strategic thinker Hal Brands has fired the latest volley in the War of the Gray Wars with an E-Note at FPRI. The origins of this war are hazy, but its most recent battles were sparked by a clash between Adam Elkus and Michael Mazarr here at War on the Rocks. As Elkus and Mazarr fired shells back and forth, WOTR senior editor B.J. Armstrong provided supporting fires for Elkus from offshore (he is, after all, in the Navy). Mazarr could not let this challenge from the seas go unanswered. And now Brands has joined the fray in what is sure to be a long war, especially now that it has spilled over into Twitter. Who else will intervene?

Happy reading!


Image: CC