The Vatican’s Cloak-and-Dagger War Against Hitler


In histories of the Second World War, the Vatican has not fared well. Pope Pius XII has been condemned as “Hitler’s Pope” and the Church castigated for not doing enough to avert war and save the victims of the Third Reich. Enter Mark Riebling’s new book, Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler. After years of painstaking research in the Vatican’s archives, Riebling has a different and heart-pounding story to tell of the Pope’s network of spies that fought to bring about Hitler’s downfall. In this podcast, WOTR’s Ryan Evans and Mark Stout (himself a veteran of the CIA) sits down with Riebling to chat about this amazing book that combines the rigor of history with the storytelling of a novel. His final verdict on Pius XII: “He wasn’t Hitler’s Pope, but he wasn’t Anne Frank’s Pope either.”



Image: Public Domain