CONTEST: The Islamic State’s Way of War in 25 Words or Less

September 24, 2015

What is the Islamic State’s way of war? We are counting on you, dear readers, to figure it out.

Much as been written about America’s way of war  (we even had a contest about it) – how it thinks about conflict from planning to fighting to victory or defeat – but we have not thought as formally about the Islamic State’s way of war.

You have 25 words max to describe the Islamic State’s way of war. Feel free to be funny, serious, or both. The top three winners get a copy of the new book ISIS Apocalypse by WOTR contributor William McCants. We’ll even get Will to give us his answer. St. Martin’s Press will send the book right to you and we thank them for playing along with our contest.

Please send submissions to: editor (at) warontherocks (dot) com with “ISIS WAY OF WAR” in the subject line. Please do not submit via the comments section below.