Get Your WOTR Gear from Our New Store with a Special Pre-Sale Discount!

January 28, 2015

For over a year now, our store page – adorned only with “Coming Soon” – has been one of the highest trafficked pages on our site and our lack of an online store has been a constant subject of emails from you, our dear readers.

But now, our store is open for business. You can buy a WOTR branded flask, t-shirt, coffee mug, and tumbler, all at a discount during our pre-sale period, which lasts until February 3.

Our WOTR flask is a must-buy for those of you who ended up in boring, never-ending meetings. A little nip from the flask will help get you through.

Our coffee mug is Irish Coffee Certified. If you put just plain coffee in it, without any whiskey, it will actually scoff at you.

The War on the Rocks t-shirt is a quick way to telegraph to all passersby that you take strategy seriously.

And our tumbler is an essential addition to any gentleman’s or gentlewoman’s home bar.

We’ll be rolling out new products and new sales every couple months, so be sure to check back often. Happy shopping!