WOTR’s Top 25 Articles of 2014


2014 was our first full calendar year of operations here at War on the Rocks. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our contributors and editors for writing such amazing articles and YOU for reading them. Judging by the numbers, here are the 25 articles you enjoyed the most in 2014.

  1. Don’t BS the American People About Iraq, Syria, and ISIL,” by Brian Fishman
  2. Here’s Why Women in Combat Units is a Bad Idea,” by Anna Simons
  3. Russia and Ukraine: Not the Military Balance You Think,” Dmitry Gorenburg
  4. The Rise and Fall of Major Jim Gant,” by Joseph Collins
  5. The Islamic State’s Anbar Offensive and Abu Umar al-Shishani,” by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
  6. Ukraine and the Art of Limited War,” by Lawrence Freedman
  7. Losing Our Marbles as Putin Loses at Chess: The Cold War is Over,” by Peter Munson
  8. India-Pakistan Through the Israel-Palestine Mirror,” by Myra MacDonald
  9. The Bartender Who Accidentally Saved the World,” by Paul Kan
  10. The Pick-Up Truck Era of Warfare,” by Jack Mulcaire
  11. State of Jihad: The Reality of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” by Doug Ollivant and Brian Fishman
  12. Can Women Be Infantry Marines?” by Ellen Haring
  13. Assessing the Terrorist Threat 13 Years after 9/11: Old Guard Al Qaeda, Team ISIS & the Upstarts,” by Clint Watts
  14. Inside the Collapse of the Iraqi Army’s 2nd Division,” by Yasir Abbas and Dan Trombly
  15. China’s Most Dangerous Missile (So Far),” by Robert Haddick
  16. Top 10 Failed Defense Programs of the RMA Era,” by Stephen Rodriguez
  17. Time For U.S. Forces to Leave South Korea,” by Christopher Lee
  18. A New American Military Ethic,” by Frank Hoffman
  19. The Syrian Civil War: Political and Military State of Play,” by Charles Lister and William McCants
  20. Ten Fictions that Pakistani Defense Officials Love to Peddle,” by C. Christine Fair
  21. ISIS: This Too Shall Pass,” by Mark Stout
  22. Why We Died: Political Validation for Veterans,” by Thomas Gibbons-Neff
  23. The Tomb That Could Drag Turkey into the Syrian Civil War,” by Chase Winter
  24. Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Papers: General Amos Edition,” by James Joyner
  25. A Master Plan to Counter China’s Growing Military Might?” by Harry Kazianis