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New Rules for U.S. Military Intervention
Primed Against Primacy: The Restraint Constituency and U.S. Foreign Policy
Restrained Strategy, Lower Military Budgets
No More of the Same: The Problem with Primacy
Ties that Bind: Why Asian Alliances Will Survive Trump
Apart, Atop, Amidst: America in the World
Will Future National Security Prosecutions Suffer Because Clinton Was Spared?
A Missing Shade of Gray: Political Will and Waging Something Short of War
Turkey is Tangled up in Terrorism
The Case for Strategic Discipline During the Next Presidency

Clash of Clans: The Air Force Can Never Deliver Enough Close Air Support for the Army
The Drone Threat to Israeli National Security
Congress and the Navy: Forty Years of Dysfunction
Walk, Don’t Run: Chinese Military Reforms in 2017
Adapting the President’s Daily Brief to Trump
Rethinking Defense Acquisition: Zero-Base the Regulations