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Fallout in Franco-American Ties

September 24, 2021

Episode Notes:

Yesterday, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron spoke over the phone to discuss the dramatic crisis in Franco-American relations. France had recalled its ambassador from Washington the week before after it learned, via the press, that the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia had concluded secret negotiations on a trilateral security partnership (or AUKUS) that, among other things, excluded France and resulted in the termination of a $60 billion Australian submarine deal with Naval Group, a French defense firm. After the Biden-Macron phone call, they released a joint statement signaling the end of the immediate diplomatic crisis and that France’s ambassador would return to Washington. However, the episode will likely have implications for U.S.-French relations for many years to come.

To discuss the fallout between Paris and Washington, we’re joined on the Warcast by Iskander Rehman. Iskander is a senior fellow for Strategic Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council; founder of the Rochambeau Dialogue, a Track 1.5 Franco-U.S. defense dialogue held every year in Newport, RI.; and an expert on applied history, grand strategy, and U.S. defense strategy in Asia.


[ 01:45 ] France’s reaction

[ 04:00 ] French views of the Indo-Pacific

[ 08:27 ] Biden-Macron joint statement

[ 09:30 ] U.S.-French relations going forward

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