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U.N. Climate Report Warns of Dangerous Tipping Points

August 12, 2021

Episode Notes:

The United Nations released a major scientific report on climate change this week. The report is unequivocal that human activity is responsible for global warming, and that the consequences of insufficient action to reduce carbon emissions will be increasingly dire for life on Earth.

Erin Sikorsky joins the Warcast to discuss the report and what it means for U.S. security. Erin is the deputy director of the Center for Climate and Security and the director of the International Military Council on Climate and Security. Previously, she served as the Deputy Director of the Strategic Futures Group on the U.S. National Intelligence Council, where she co-authored the quadrennial Global Trends report and led the US intelligence community’s environmental and climate security analysis. Erin has written for War on the Rocks several times, including in “Analyzing the Climate Security Threat: Key Actions for the U.S. Intelligence Community.”

 [ 01:05 ] What are the key takeaways of the report?

[ 01:52 ] Key details of report

[ 03:35 ] What do these findings mean for U.S. security?

[ 05:12 ] What does this mean for climate diplomacy going forward?

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