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Pakistan’s Pyrrhic Victory in Afghanistan

August 6, 2021

Episode Notes:

This week we continue our look at how regional actors are responding to America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. The country today is Pakistan.

Joining us to help explain the perspective of Afghanistan’s most influential neighbor is Dr. Daniel Markey.

Dan is a senior research professor in international relations at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He previously held the South Asia portfolio on the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff at the State Department, and is the author of No Exit from Pakistan: America’s Tortured Relationship with Islamabad.

[ 00:51 ] Islamabad’s evolving attitude toward the U.S. war in Afghanistan?

[ 03:43 ] Is this a victory for Pakistan?

[ 05:57 ] What does Pakistan do now?

[ 07:44 ] What is Pakistan’s relationship with the Afghan government? The Taliban?

[ 09:00 ] How secure is Pakistan’s relationship to the Taliban?

[ 11:15 ] What does this mean for the U.S.-Pakistani relationship?

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