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What Happens Next in Afghanistan

July 15, 2021

Episode Notes:

Afghanistan remains in the news again this week. In an interview aired Wednesday, former President George Bush claimed that the U.S. withdrawal was a “mistake” that would have “unbelievably bad” consequences.

Dr. Ashley Jackson — the co-director of the Center for the Study of Armed Groups at the London-based Overseas Development Institute and author of Negotiating Survival: Civil-Insurgent Relations in Afghanistan — joins the Warcast to discuss the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.


[ 01:20 ] What’s happening on the ground?

[ 05:57 ] What is the government strategy?

[ 08:08 ] What will happen as this conflict moves to the cities?

[ 12:55 ] What will happen when/if the Taliban take over Afghan cities?

[ 16:50 ] What should Biden do?

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