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Iranian Navy Ship Catches Fire, Sinks in Gulf of Oman

June 2, 2021

Episode Notes:

An important training and logistical ship in the Iranian navy, the IRIS Kharg, sunk after catching fire in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday. State media reports that all crew were safely evacuated. The news raises the question of whether the sinking was the result of a genuine accident or sabotage.

Michael Connell — an expert in Persian-Gulf security-related issues at CNA — joins the Warcast to discuss the sinking of the Kharg and what it means for the Iranian navy and Iranian soft power.


[ 00:55 ] What happened?

[ 02:38 ] IRIS Kharg and its role in the Iranian Navy

[ 03:58 ] Implications of the sinking for Iran's naval force posture

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