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Indian Army Pivots Toward China

January 14, 2021

Episode Notes:

Eight months after a deadly brawl between Chinese and Indian troops in the Himalaya claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers and an untold number of Chinese, the two sides are still engaged in a tense standoff over their disputed border. The People’s Liberation Army has upended the status quo to its advantage, while the Indian Army is braced for a brutal winter with increasingly stretched resources. In response to its precarious strategic position in this mountainous theater, the Indian Army has ordered a mechanized strike corps normally deployed along the border with Pakistan to transition into a mountain strike corps which will eventually serve in Ladakh along the line of actual control, India’s contested northern frontier with China.

Ajai Shukla — a leading defense journalist with the Business Standard and former Indian Army colonel — broke the story last week on the India’s pivot to China, and now joins the Warcast from his home in Tamil Nadu to discuss to the latest news on the Indian Army’s posture on its northern border.



[ 01:20 ] The Indian Army’s pivot north

[ 03:40 ] How long will it take to raise the strike corps

[ 05:22 ] Indian political-military decision-making

[ 06:52 ] Next steps

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