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No-Deal Brexit: Implications for Ireland and European Security

October 1, 2020

Episode Notes:

The United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union in January, but the Brexit saga continues. On Oct. 1, the European Union announced that it would initiate legal proceedings against the United Kingdom after the British government introduced legislation (the Internal Market Bill) which breaches terms of the Northern Ireland protocol included in the Brexit withdrawal agreement that the British government signed last year. London has admitted the Internal Market Bill breaks international law. The move opens up the possibility of reintroducing a hard border on the island of Ireland between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The prospect of a hard border has raised the stakes in already contentious trade negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union, and in bilateral ties between London and Dublin.

Daniel Keohane — an associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform and the author of the recent report, “A Terrible Border is Reborn? Ireland and a No-Deal Brexit” — joins the Warcast to discuss the implications of the Internal Market Bill for security in Ireland and U.K.-E.U. security ties.


[ 01:34 ] What are the prospects for a hard border on the island of Ireland?

[ 03:46 ] What are the implications for security in Northern Ireland of a hard border?

[ 05:56 ] Where do security relations between the European Union and United Kingdom go from here?

[ 08:10 ] What’s the role of America in Anglo-Irish ties and current U.K.-E.U. negotiations?

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