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Diplomatic Breakthrough: Israel, United Arab Emirates Normalize Ties

August 18, 2020

Episode Notes:

On August 13, Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced that they had reached an agreement to normalize diplomatic relations. The United Arab Emirates becomes the first Gulf Arab country to have official ties with Israel, although unofficial contacts between the two countries have been ongoing for years. The deal, brokered in part by the United States, highlights how regional powers are cooperating to pushback against Iran, a shared adversary. For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the deal appears to validate his position that Israel can improve ties with its neighbors without improving ties with the Palestinians.

Natan Sachs — director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution — joins the Warcast to discuss the diplomatic breakthrough between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the implications for Israeli foreign policy, and what it means for regional geopolitics going forward.

[ 01:14 ] Implications for Israel

[ 02:52 ] What this means for regional geopolitics

[ 05:09 ] The deal and U.S. foreign policy

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