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Don’t Sleep on the Afghanistan-Pakistan Border

July 31, 2020

Episode Notes:

Border clashes along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border (or Durand Line) on July 30 have left 15 Afghan civilians dead, according to reports. While recent attention in South Asia has focused on the India-China and India-Pakistan borders, the frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan remains disputed, hard to defend, and holds the potential for further clashes.

Elizabeth Threlkeld joins the Warcast to discuss developments along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Elizabeth is a senior fellow and deputy director of the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center. Before joining Stimson, she served as a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department in Islamabad and Peshawar, Pakistan, and Monterrey, Mexico.

[ 01:17 ] What caused the recent incident between Afghanistan and Pakistan along their border?

[ 03:37 ] What’s the source of the border dispute between the two countries?

[ 05:32 ] What are the implications of increased tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan for U.S. interests in Afghanistan and the region?

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