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Russia Offers Bounties to Kill Coalition Troops in Afghanistan

June 30, 2020

Episode Notes:

On June 26, the New York Times reported that, according to U.S. intelligence sources, Russia has offered the Taliban bounties to kill American and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Russia and the Taliban deny the charge. Russia’s policy appears to represent an escalation in the global confrontation between Moscow and Washington.

Michael Kofman joins the Warcast to discuss Russia’s latest moves in Afghanistan. Michael is director of the Russia Studies Program and senior research scientist at CNA Corporation, and a fellow at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute. The views expressed here are his own.


[ 00:54 ] Are allegations of Russia offering bounties in Afghanistan credible?

[ 03:15 ] Are Russia’s moves about Afghanistan or the global confrontation with the Washington?

[ 05:50 ] Revenge for U.S. policy in Syria?

[ 08:08 ] Implications for U.S.-Russia relations?

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