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America Withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty

May 26, 2020

Episode Notes:

On May 22, the United States formally decided to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, citing Russian violations of the treaty. The decision will be effective in six months. The treaty allows states-parties — which, beyond the United States and Russia, includes 32 countries, principally in Europe — to conduct official over-flights of the other states-parties to monitor military developments. The overflights are meant to serve as a confidence building measure.

Kingston Reif — the Director for Disarmament and Threat Reduction Policy at the Arms Control Association — joins the Warcast to discuss the American decision to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, the diplomatic fallout, and what this means for arms control going forward.


[ 01:00 ] Reasons for U.S. withdrawal

[ 03:58 ] Allegations against Russia

[ 07:53 ] Russian response

[ 09:30 ] Response of American allies

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