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What’s Going on with Belarus and Russia?

December 5, 2019

Episode Notes:

Recent press reports have suggested that Belarus and Russia are planning to create a common government. To be sure, the neighbors have close ties, and Belarus is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe that has not joined the EU and NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But would Minsk and Moscow ever really become a single country?

To help us think through this story — and to learn more about Belarus-Russian ties — we reached out to Artyom Shraibman. Artyom is a Belarusian political analyst and founder of Sense Analytics, a consultancy agency that provides political analysis on Belarus.

Follow Artyom on Twitter: @A_Shraibman

[ 1:30 ] Plans for Russia and Belarus to draw closer

[ 2:30 ] What is the foreign policy relationship between Belarus and Russia?

[ 5:30 ] How has the West and the United States responded to Belarussian overtures

[ 7:27 ] Changes and developments over time


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