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IAEA Confirmed Uranium Traces in Undisclosed Iranian Facility: Explanations

September 12, 2019

Episode Notes:

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that it found traces of uranium at a site that Iran had yet to explain.

Mark Fitzpatrick, Associate Fellow and Former Executive Director of International Institute for Strategic Studies –Americas, and co-author of the book, Uncertain future: The JCPOA and Iran’s nuclear and missile programmes, joins the WarCast to discuss the findings, explanations, and Iranian intentions - past and future.

[ 1:00 ] Details of the finding
[ 3:03 ] No satisfactory explanation
[ 3:58 ] Iran's intentions - past versus future
[ 6:59 ] Credibility of future Israeli claims
[ 8:35 ] The IAEA process works

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