Competing for Influence in Latin America


Chris, Melanie and Zack take a close look at the United States’ relationship with countries in Latin America. Why has the United States neglected Latin America in the last several decades? Should the United States government up its game in order to compete for influence with China in its own hemisphere? And, if so, how? And will improving U.S. ties in the region help to alleviate the immigration situation on the southern border?

Grievances for Donald Trump’s love for TikTok, Americans ignoring Haiti, and Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz who can’t get along. Attas to Sen Roger Wicker for noting for months that there won’t be enough money for shipbuilding — and being right!; to the members of the House who voted to compel TikTok to divest from Bytedance; and to Sen. Bernie Sanders and five other senators for calling for a new Truman Commission to root out wartime profiteering.

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Image: U.S. Department of State