The U.S. Military Might Be More Like Russia’s Military Than You Think


Did that title get your attention? It got Ryan’s attention too when it came out of Steve Blank’s mouth. If you’re a War on the Rocks reader/listener, you’ve probably heard of him before. A successful entrepreneur, businessman, and veteran, Steve was one of the key architects of Hacking for Defense and, most recently, the Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation. And he is decidedly not optimistic about the state of U.S. defense innovation. In fact, he worries that the Defense Department’s inability to innovate quickly and at scale might lead to defeat in a war against China.

What about all these new entrants into the defense marketplace? Can the U.S. Defense Department be reformed before a catastrophe? And what are the stakes? Our guest answers these questions and more. And don’t miss his tour de force presentation, “The Secret History of Silicon Valley.”

Image: Stanford University