Every Brief Ever

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       i'm not going to read this, but:
words have meaning

            it depends

it is what it is

        back one

it depends
              caveating of off
        happy to glad

faster, funnier      self-licking
                             ice cream cone

        for instructional purposes only:

as fucked up as a football bat

      soup to nuts, juice is 
            worth the squeeze
      shit in one sock

              to piggy-back on
                     to dove-tail off of

the            is notional: shut up and color. 

                  (the audio doesn't match the

revert back
        caveat that

        technique only——however, comma,
who's who in the zoo?

               rack and stack

closest alligator to tap-dancing good-idea fairy
goat-rope puppy-to-small-dog one-trick pony

sprinkle some            on
                                you trackin'

       break it down

fire and forget VFR direct gonculate on glide
slope stove-piped warheads on foreheads high &
right pin the rose public math pop smoke red-star
cluster trash fire demand signal knee-in-the-
curve making sausage soup sandwich rice bowl
long pole bellybutton forcing function wave tops
flick the booger high-speed low-drag peel the
onion lay flat reattack fire hose pull the thread
deep dive send the trons balloon goes up


common sense is              silence
  an uncommon virtue.           is consent.

          what right looks like

                 saved rounds? alibis?
slap the table——period. dot.
       this is kind of an eye chart

Olivia A. Garard served as an active duty Marine officer from 2014 to 2020. 
Her poetry manuscript, Killing Time, is nearly finished. An ardent Clausewitzian, 
she tweets at @teaandtactics.

Image: U.S. Army (Photo by Sgt. Alexandra Hulett)