Syria: A Sad Tale

Syria 2FINAL

Bryan is celebrating the anniversary of our first episode on a beach, so this week, Chris and Melanie are joined by Tom Karako of CSIS. In this episode, they discuss the Syria Study Group Report, which concludes that “the US can still influence the outcome of the Syrian war in a manner that protects US interests.” Does America have interests in Syria? If so, can they be managed and protected, particularly with a president who seems uninterested in investing political capital and American resources there? How has the Syrian civil war affected Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and does that matter to America? Finally, is there anything the United States should do about the terrible humanitarian situation, the effects of which have spilled over to other countries?

Tom tells us about taking his son to his first baseball game (go Nats!), Chris has a birthday wish for a former president, and Melanie both sticks it to and congratulates the press. We can’t wait for Bryan to return and give us his review of the Downton Abbey movie!





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