WOTR Podcast: Strikes on Syria: The View From Paris


A special dispatch from France: On Friday, April 13, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France launched punitive strikes on Syria following the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons. Managing Editor Usha Sahay spoke with Bruno Tertrais, deputy director of the Foundation for Strategic Research and an expert on French defense policy, about France’s perspective on the conflict in Syria, Emmanuel Macron’s views on military intervention, and the falling out between France and the United States after the aborted strikes in the summer of 2013.


Read Bruno’s new paper on the subject, co-authored with Jeffrey Lewis, “Beyond the Red Line: The United States, France, and Chemical Weapons in the Syrian War, 2013-2018.” https://www.frstrategie.org/en/publications/recherches-et-documents/beyond-the-red-line-the-united-states-france-and-chemical-weapons-in-the-syrian-war-2013-2018-06-2018