To Compete with China, Can America Get Out of Its Own Way?


Two key strategy documents released by the Trump administration signal the United States is finally gearing up for a new era of great power competition. And China is the most daunting competitor on the horizon. Is this the right move? Is the president on board? Are America’s allies up for it? What would a war of choice in North Korea do to a Sino-American competition?¬†How can and should America compete politically, economically, and militarily? Was it naive to expect China to become a responsible stakeholder to begin with?

To answer these questions and more, Kelly Magsamen of the Center for American Progress and Ely Ratner of the Council on Foreign Relations sat down with Ryan at WOTR HQ with the aid of three kinds of whisk(e)y. Both Kelly and Ely drew on their experiences in the Obama administration, in which they both served in senior capacities.