Bombshell: Me Too and the Gimme Gimmes


This week on Bombshell, special guest Elizabeth Rosenberg explains the art of unmaking the Iran deal and the consequences of the Trump adminstration’s Iran ‘strategy.’ Foreign relations are keeping us busy with a tinderbox in Kirkuk at the worst possible time, and a new lens on the Pentagon’s under-scrutinized advise and assist efforts in Africa that resulted in four soldier’s killed in an ambush this month. Mattis and the White House are sending mixed signals on transparency and democratic accountability on the Hill and in the press (what else is new?). Erin, Radha, and Loren are as usual looking out for budget deals, new and potentially harmful MAVNI guidelines, and Trump appointees. And yeah. Us too.

Produced by Tre Hester.

Music: Future Teens-Jennifer Lawrence

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