Introducing Bombshell: The Explosive First Episode


Welcome to Bombshell.  This new bi-weekly series, brought to you by War on the Rocks, is hosted by three of your favorite Washington insiders who will dissect today’s foreign policy crises and tomorrow’s security challenges.  Our hosts — Loren DeJonge Schulman, Radha Iyengar Plumb, and Erin Simpson — will talk military strategy, White House mayhem, and the best cocktails known to (wo)man.

In this episode, our hosts introduce themselves and each other before launching into a guide to what is going to face the Trump administration as it takes hold of the reins of power. If you’re wondering about new appointments, how the new National Security Council could run, and possible crises that could erupt as soon as day one, this is the episode for you.

The first two episodes will be on the War on the Rocks feed. Don’t forget to sign up for the Bombshell feed on your podcast app of choice (Note: Most apps use the iTunes feed and iTunes is taking their sweet time approving it. Keep trying).



Image: U.S. Air Force photo by Capt. Patrick Nichols