You Can Be Among the First War on the Rocks Members


We are taking our next big step — a premium membership plan — and I want you to be a part of it! First step: Check out our new Indiegogo campaign.

I launched War on the Rocks three years ago because we needed a dedicated platform for public discussion featuring experienced, authentic, authoritative voices on national security, defense, strategy, and foreign affairs. Since then, War on the Rocks has become the outlet of choice for people who had served in government, served in the military, worked abroad, and studied conflict and international affairs in depth. Our daily, free content is widely read in the natsec community and beyond. We are making an impact.

The challenge I face now is how to keep delivering the content you love for free while also allowing War on the Rocks to sustain itself. To do that, we will soon be launching a low-cost, $5 monthly membership plan. Through my interactions with you, I learned that what you want is more opportunities to interact with experts like the folks who write for us, as well as others who — like you — are passionate about national security. So that’s what this new membership is going to do.

So what are the two new services that will form this premium plan?

Every week, I will be hosting a War-Cast: a live webcast with War on the Rocks experts, for members only. The experts will rotate based on what’s going on in the world. If you are listening live, you can submit questions for us to answer. If you’re busy, you can watch or listen to it later. It’s like our podcast series, but better, more regular, and more exclusive.

The second service is a gated social network called the War Hall using a new tool called Ryver.  Those of us in the “natsec” community use different tools to interact. We all get too many emails and the tech is limited.  Twitter is noisy and, for some conversations, too public, and there are too many trolls. Facebook is fine but how often do we want to subject our high school friends to our thoughts on the war against the Islamic State?  This gated forum combines all the upsides of Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail and avoids the downsides.  And your favorite natsec experts, including many of our writers, are already in the War Hall waiting for you.

So why am I holding this two-week Indiegogo campaign? I wanted to give an opportunity to you to be the first-in on this premium plan for members of our tribe. Only a limited number of people can access it this year. If you want to get involved, this is your chance. We will open the War Hall and start the War-Casts for members only shortly after this campaign ends. During the remaining presidential debates, the election, the transition season that follows, and as the new administration comes into office, your favorite experts on national security will be there providing real time analysis and interacting with members directly on the issues you care about. Our weekly War-Casts will keep you up to date on what you need to know as a member of the national security community.

If you want the benefits of this membership starting in October, sign up now by giving to this campaign. If instead you are happy to wait until the membership is available to everyone in January, but you want a discounted rate, you can also pre-register for that at Indiegogo, where all the different options are explained.

This is also an opportunity for those of you who are passionate about War on the Rocks to show us a little love. Please consider giving above and beyond what just a membership costs. Keeping War on the Rocks content free has been hard. It’s also been worth it, but it’s been possible only through your generosity. I am hoping we can tap into that generous spirit again.

Thanks for reading War on the Rocks and enjoy what comes next!


Ryan Evans is the founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of War on the Rocks.