Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders

March 2, 2016

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We the undersigned, members of the Republican national security community, represent a broad spectrum of opinion on America’s role in the world and what is necessary to keep us safe and prosperous. We have disagreed with one another on many issues, including the Iraq war and intervention in Syria. But we are united in our opposition to a Donald Trump presidency. Recognizing as we do, the conditions in American politics that have contributed to his popularity, we nonetheless are obligated to state our core objections clearly:

His vision of American influence and power in the world is wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle. He swings from isolationism to military adventurism within the space of one sentence.

His advocacy for aggressively waging trade wars is a recipe for economic disaster in a globally connected world.

His embrace of the expansive use of torture is inexcusable.

His hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic radicalism by alienating partners in the Islamic world making significant contributions to the effort. Furthermore, it endangers the safety and Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of American Muslims.

Controlling our border and preventing illegal immigration is a serious issue, but his insistence that Mexico will fund a wall on the southern border inflames unhelpful passions, and rests on an utter misreading of, and contempt for, our southern neighbor.

Similarly, his insistence that close allies such as Japan must pay vast sums for protection is the sentiment of a racketeer, not the leader of the alliances that have served us so well since World War II.

His admiration for foreign dictators such as Vladimir Putin is unacceptable for the leader of the world’s greatest democracy.

He is fundamentally dishonest. Evidence of this includes his attempts to deny positions he has unquestionably taken in the past, including on the 2003 Iraq war and the 2011 Libyan conflict. We accept that views evolve over time, but this is simply misrepresentation.

His equation of business acumen with foreign policy experience is false. Not all lethal conflicts can be resolved as a real estate deal might, and there is no recourse to bankruptcy court in international affairs.

Mr. Trump’s own statements lead us to conclude that as president, he would use the authority of his office to act in ways that make America less safe, and which would diminish our standing in the world. Furthermore, his expansive view of how presidential power should be wielded against his detractors poses a distinct threat to civil liberty in the United States. Therefore, as committed and loyal Republicans, we are unable to support a Party ticket with Mr. Trump at its head. We commit ourselves to working energetically to prevent the election of someone so utterly unfitted to the office.


Ken Adelman
David Adesnik
Michael Auslin
Mike Baker
Christopher Barton
Kevin W. Billings
Robert D. Blackwill
Daniel A. Blumenthal
Max Boot
Ellen Bork
Anna Borshchevskaya
Joseph A. Bosco
Michael Chertoff
Patrick Chovanec
James Clad
Eliot A. Cohen
Gus Coldebella
Carrie Cordero
Michael Coulter
Chester A. Crocker
Patrick M. Cronin
Seth Cropsey
Tom Donnelly
Daniel Drezner
Colin Dueck
Eric Edelman
Joseph Esposito
Charles Fairbanks
Richard A. Falkenrath
Peter D. Feaver
Niall Ferguson
Jamie Fly
Richard Fontaine
Aaron Friedberg
Dan Gabriel
Greg Garcia
Jana Chapman Gates
Jeffrey Gedmin
Reuel Marc Gerecht
James K. Glassman
David Gordon
Christopher J. Griffin
Mary R. Habeck
Paul Haenle
Melinda Haring
Robert Hastings
Rebeccah Heinrichs
Francis Q. Hoang
Rachel Hoff
Jeffrey W. Hornung
William C. Inboden
Jamil N. Jaffer
Ash Jain
Marc C. Johnson
Myriah Jordan
Robert G. Joseph
Tim Kane
Kate Kidder
Robert Kagan
Rep. Jim Kolbe
David Kramer
Stephen Krasner

Matthew Kroenig
Frank Lavin
Philip I. Levy
Philip Lohaus
Mary Beth Long
Peter Mansoor
John Maurer
Matthew McCabe
Bryan McGrath
Richard G. Miles
Paul D. Miller
Charles Morrison
Michael B. Mukasey
Scott W. Muller
Lester Munson
Andrew S. Natsios
Michael Noonan
Tom Nichols
John  Noonan
Roger F. Noriega
Stephen E. Ockenden
John Osborn
Robert T. Osterhaler
Mackubin T. Owens
Daniel Pipes
Everett Pyatt
Martha T. Rainville
Stephen Rodriguez
Marc A. Ross
Nicholas Rostow
Michael Rubin
Daniel F. Runde
Benjamin Runkle
Richard L. Russell
Andrew Sagor
Kori Schake
Randy Scheunemann
Gary J. Schmitt
Gabriel Schoenfeld
Russell Seitz
Kalev I. Sepp
Vance Serchuk
David R. Shedd
Gary Shiffman
Kristen Silverberg
Michael Singh
Ray Takeyh
Jeremy Teigen
William H. Tobey
Frances F. Townsend
Jan Van Tol
Daniel Vajdich
Ruth Wedgwood
Albert Wolf
Julie Wood
Dov S. Zakheim
Roger Zakheim
Sam Zega
Philip Zelikow
Robert B. Zoellick
Laurence Zuriff

Number of Signatories: 122


The statement above was coordinated by Dr. Eliot A. Cohen, former Counselor of the Department of State (2007–8), and Bryan McGrath, Managing Director of The FerryBridge Group, a defense consultancy. They encourage other members of the Republican foreign policy and national security communities wishing to sign the declaration to contact them.

Want to get involved? Read Bryan McGrath’s proposed plan for taking down Trump. 



Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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55 thoughts on “Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders

  1. Any Republican in the Oval Office, not just Trump, would bring an immediate and catastrophic cratering of US prestige abroad, and in fact the swift collapse of NATO.

    Because these things are polled, you know. Allies have actually said what they think of the US parties, very clearly indeed.

    Confidence in the US president
    Bush’s last years vs Obama’s last years

    Pew Global polling

    Germany 2008 ….. 14%
    Germany 2015 …… 73%

    Canada 2007 ….. 26%
    Canada 2015 …… 76%

    UK 2008 ….. 16%
    UK 2015 ….. 76%

    France 2008 ….. 13%
    France 2015 ….. 83%

    Japan 2008 : 25%
    Japan 2015 : 66%

    Italy 2007 : 30% . . .Poland 2007 : 29%
    Italy 2015 : 77% . . .Poland 2015 : 64%

    Spain 2008 ….. 8% . . .South Korea 2008 : 30%
    Spain 2015 ….. 58% . . .South Korea 2015 : 88%

    Indonesia 2008 : 23% . . .Australia 2008 : 23%
    Indonesia 2015 : 64% . . .Australia 2015 : 83%

    Malaysia 2007 : 14% . . .Turkey 2008 : 2%
    Malaysia 2015 : 61% . . .Turkey 2015 : 45%

    Every single country shows confidence in US leadership soaring, sometimes by 70-80 pts, on the day Bush quit and Obama took office. Every country shows Obama holding up strong ever since. The biggest dip in global trust in Obama was actually the NSA scandal.

    There is literally no allied country on earth where the people, when polled, say they would prefer the US to be run by a Republican. None. Not even Israel.

    NATO allies are horrified by the thought of a Republican gaining power. They have become a party of drooling nihilists. Even worse than George W Bush.

  2. Trump’s unacceptability is a given. He has already been called stupid by the UK prime minister, been called not a Christian by the Pope, and been politely disinvited from Israel. Surely no further hints are needed.

    But what about President Rubio? President Cruz? Are they markedly better?

    What are the signature foreign policy achievements of America’s major allies, in their own estimation? The Iran nuclear deal, and above all, the Paris climate deal, both of which all GOP candidates threaten to tear up on “Day One”.

    Any Republican president enacting the party’s declared agenda would make America a pariah, and NATO a dead letter, on Day One.

    1. You may totally disagree with their positions, but everyone else in the race has some basic foreign policy knowledge. Based on his public statements, Donald Trump would probably need the boot-camp level introduction to the US military and foreign service structure.

      Unless you think Donald Trump will pick brilliant Secretaries of State and Defense, and then stay out of their way, a Trump foriegn policy would be dysfunctional. And Donald Trump hasn’t shown the ability to let anyone else have the spotlight, no matter how talented–if he did, he’d probably be a couple billion dollars richer.

      1. Rubio and Clinton advocate a no-fly zone in Syria, despite the fact that Russia has deployed sophisticated SA-300 systems. If the military were directed to proceed with this mission, their first action would be destroy those Russian weapons and the Russian troops that man them. Rubio seems to think a strong statement will make everyone acquiesce. History shows that words are meaningless without actions.

        Cruz loves dictators. Sisi, Erdogan and Assad are his preferred leaders. He just wants to carpet bomb ISIS. Presumably, he will scatter cheese on the outskirts of Raqqa. Then all the rats will come out hiding and a couple of B-52 strikes can end it all.

        You can call this basic foreign policy knowledge. Looks like the keystone cops to me.

  3. Every attack on Trump will have one common theme, whether from these fine gentleman, or from others paid by the billionaire donor class. That theme is trade policy. 100,000 factories have left America since China opened its gate in 1978. That is 2,000 factories per state! This could not have happened without trade policies paid for through legal bribes to our Congress and past Presidents.

    1. Clif, that was accomplished by “St. Ronald Regan” when he dismantled manufacturing in this country. Trump is a sociopath and narcissist whose grasp on reality is seriously obscured by his overinflated ego.

    2. YOu fail to mention that Trump has happily used them to increase his own profits- as well as illegals here and is part of that Billionaire class you talk about

    3. I just read a number of attacks right here that didn’t mention trade policy. And by the way, where are all of Trump’s products made? China, Mexico, and elsewhere.

  4. It is apparent that the stutus quo republicans are terrified of Mr. Trump unmasking the game that has been played in Washington for far too long. They would prefer Hillary to someone from the “outside” that would expose the dishonesty that goes on. I will vote for and support whoever gets the GOP nomination. It appears “the people” want a change.

    1. I don’t think the GOP is terrified for the reason you stated. Trump acts like a juvinelle delinquent. Like a gangster. The implication of his behavior and words are pretty serious on the world stage. Nobody wants a nuclear war

  5. Turns out WOTR is left-wing too … who knew? Too bad, as I had respected this forum for exchanging views on war and political violence, especially at the technical and tactical levels, and not as an extension of MSNBC. As for the Pew stats cited above, those numbers correspond to the constant anti-US sentiment in a given country. The anti-US crowd felt comfortable with the anti-US faction new to Washington, so no surprise. But I don’t do domestic stuff-what I need from just one of the 95 signatories is a fresh idea how stop losing IW/COINs–VN, Iraq, AFG, ISIS. Their policies, ideas, and efforts have failed us in the field for decades. Now they pretend to know better on the domestic side.

    1. They didn’t editorialize, dbb. They posted a thing that exists, and did so without comment. That is not being left-wing or right-wing. That is presenting reality.

      If reality seems too left-biased for you, then the problem is not with reality, but rather your ability to perceive what is real.

      When there’s a thing you don’t like, you don’t get to stick your fingers in your ears and scream “liberal poo poo go away!” It just means that there’s a thing you don’t like. I know it’s terribly tragic that there’s a thing you don’t like, but it’s probably neither the first nor last thing you’ll ever encounter without liking it. If presenting the mere fact of its existence is enough to make you think less of a media outlet, then that should serve as good evidence to you that you have allowed yourself to become hopelessly biased to the point that you can’t even countenance the existence of things you disagree with. That is sad.

      Very sad.

    2. “what I need from just one of the 95 signatories is a fresh idea how stop losing IW/COINs–VN, Iraq, AFG, ISIS. Their policies, ideas, and efforts have failed us in the field for decades. Now they pretend to know better on the domestic side.”


      1. The US military did not lose a single one of those wars you claim we lost. We defeated NVM and destroyed the VC in Vietnam by the end of 1972 – which is why the north agreed to peace talks in Paris. It was only after a Democratic Congress voted to defund and stop all military aid to the Republic of South Viet Nam – while the Russians continued their heavy support of the North – that led to the downfall of the South years after the Americans stopped fighting.

        We thoroughly defeated Saddam Hussein twice, both in lightning fast wars of invasion, both of Kuwait and later on in Iraq. We also defeated the Al Qaeda insurgency thoroughly in Iraq with the successful surge. The ISIS insurgency was a new insurgency that only achieved success after Obama withdrew 100% of our troops from Iraq – virtually inviting the jihadists to come back in again.

        We destroyed the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, with our friends from NATO, and today the Afghan government is still in control of a majority of the nation, despite Obama (again) pulling most of our troops out (we have less than 10% of the troop levels at the peak of the Afghan surge).

        We also defeated the NORKs and their Chinese benefactors in South Korea, such that today South Korea is one of the vaunted “Tigers” of the Asian continent, with an economy that is among the strongest in the world, while the NORK’s are the bastard stepchildren of the Chinese, virtual basket case of a failed nation.

        Your view of the world and history is mighty messed up dude. You must be a Trump voter, apparently!

        The United States of America has the world’s strongest, most capable military force, bar none, it’s not even close. The people who built that force, both the leaders in our national security infrastructure as well as the uniformed members of our military and the contractors who delivered the finest most capable weapons in the world are altogether second to none … it’s not even a remotely plausible argument on that count.

        Of course, Trump thinks he knows more than everybody who produced that capability, and in some cases sacrificed their all to defend America .. while claiming that he “faced my own Vietnam” by avoiding venerial disease from all those panting women he bedded, many of them married to others at the time, as he claims. And who just this week claimed that “I made sacrifices too … by paying (some) of my bills and my taxes.”

        What a guy!

    3. The Pew numbers reflect anti-US sentiment? The question posed was: “Do you have confidence in the current US president?”
      And you suggest that countries in which more people answer ‘Yes’ are the most anti-American? So Germany is more anti-American than Turkey? And in fact South Korea is more anti-American than North Korea? That is not a tenable claim or even a rational one.

      Using your logic, if these numbers are measures of anti-Americanism, why even bother seeking alliances in countries that you claim are 80% anti-American like Germany or South Korea?

      Most American hawks have a frankly smarter response to these numbers which is to say that Obama’s America is liked but not feared, not respected. But the question is about confidence, not liking.

      And Pew’s findings were confirmed by a (link) huge 2015 worldwide Gallup poll which showed that, under the Obama Administration, the US govt has recovered from the disastrous Bush years to once again become the most trusted government on the planet. When Bush left, Gallup measured the US behind not just Germany and the EU — it was less trusted than China too… in NATO countries.

      1. As the father of a serving Marine, please add my name to the list. My son took the oath of enlistment to defend this country and the Constitution. He did not take an oath of fealty to a dictator.

      2. I think it would be wise for me to clarify.

        There is something to be said for that many people losing confidence in someone.

        While I think it is a very good thing to be liked and have confidence in, I don’t, contrary to others here, think public opinion polls are any substitute for thought. Especially when it is from folks whose path I would not follow.

        Having great respect for all counties mentioned,I don’t think their choices as of late are the wisest. Helmut Schmidt thought Merkel was at the deep end of the pool.

        If I was the benevolent despot of this country, which I admit seems more possible which each passing republican debate, I would not be looking for my answers from “political leaders” in Europe unless it was in Men and Powers.

        Or perhaps LKY’s family was in town.

  6. No disagreement from me on any of the points made in the letter. I cannot however see that Sens. Cruz or Rubio offer any more nuanced or rational approach to foreign policy. But this should surprise no one, given that even the sainted Ronald Reagan used similar rhetoric about the Panama Canal to inflame the Republican base 36 years ago. It’s a long-standing and honored tradition of Republican politicians to use such a tactic. That’s what the Republican party does, Trump simply does it better than anyone else.
    One suggestion, though, for your letter:
    in the last line you use the word “unfitted” … I respectfully suggest that you correct this by using the word “unfit” or “unsuited” instead, as “unfitted” is not an actual word.

  7. I am not necessarily a Trump Supporter, but these are the same geniuses that gave us one foreign policy strategic disaster after another for the past 60 years — not worth listing. They are the same clowns that put into place the Trade Deals that have shipped out manufacturing jobs to China and gutted our industrial capacity so that the parts to our weapons systems now read “Made anywhere but in the U.S..” These are the same overpaid fools who pocket large sums of money from the government for their worthless papers while the Middle Class their policies gutted are heading into poverty. They are the classic examples of Chicken Hawks, who are tough guys, but most would never wear a uniform.
    And, on and on.

    They fail to see that the working class of this country is rejecting them and their failed ideas. If a working class driven President (hopefully) gets elected, one of the first thing they need to do is fire all consultants, cancel (pay off) all contracts with Think Tankers, and bid them adieu.

    A former Navy Officer, long retired — I am disgusted with the wreckage that the advice and policies of the above have produced for our nation, for our economy, for our military. They are the true non-achieving Ivory Tower types who are always unsuccessful in the real world, but possible successful book writers, well maybe?

    You have achieved one thing though, if the above group doesn’t like Trump — there may be something rather positive about his views. I will give him a more serious look. Thanks.

    1. Dont waste your time. Trump has shown he has no diplomacy, intelligence, experience in policies, common sense, nor any character traits to hold the highest office. Instead, give serious thought to Bernie Sanders, who has policy experience, courage to stand up to establishment leaders, intelligence and knowledge about other systems of government that actually work well. Plus that, he sticks to the issues, and does not attack personalities as Trump does.

  8. “national security experts”

    Yes yes the experts whose great “intelligentsia” guidance has made it impossible for the US to win a single war post WW2. Yes under your great wise guidance we have a multi trillion dollar war machine that cannot defeat a bunch of sandal wearing insurgents pimping light to medium arms. Yes under your great wise guidance we are trapped in forever war were we cannot win nor lose but pray for the best these experts can deliver draw.

    60 plus years of your proven failure

    Kinda like the political expert consultants that are needed to win elections and big money, as per the “experts” thinking. How did that turn out for you Trump spent roughly 20mil total is in the lead while Bush who spent 120 MILLION never broke into double digits? Maybe the experts are not so expert. Maybe the old ways of using common sense actually work. Maybe the reality of around the university debate squad cooler are not even close to the real world realities they claim to understand, expert?

  9. Trump is a liar and a fraud. To all of you Trump Sheep… Just keep listening to what Trump tells you all. Trump has supported more Democrats in his lifetime than Republicans. Trump even said himself on TV, that he has no idea “why” he calls himself a republican, because he has more democratic views. Trump has changed his party 4 times in less than 10 years. Trump supported Universal Healthcare back in 2000, and supported abortion. Trump still even now supports Tax Payer Funding of Planned Parenthood. Trump has given to more democrats over the past 10 years, and even supported and still supports mostly democratic policies. Wow, Trump’s supporters really are morons. Sheep that don’t even care to do research on what this man truly stands for. There is a reason why Donald Trump himself said that he could stand in the street on 5th avenue and shoot someone, and still not lose any voters. In essence, he is literally saying that his voters are that gullible and stupid.

    I was a Trump supporter at the beginning of the race, until I took my head out of the sand and opened my eyes to his record. Trump is a liar and a fraud, and if people weren’t such “fanboys”, they might see through his lies. He is FAR from conservative. TED CRUZ, 2016!!!

  10. Quite laughable.

    Who are these “leaders”? Are they in Congress? And only 108 of them?

    When Trump is the nominee, all of them will be lining up to kiss his ring. There will be some “closed door discussion between some of these leaders and Trump” after which some spokeshole will announce that “Mr. Trump has assured us that he’ll not act contrary to Republican interests, and we’re satisfied with him”

    Because if you guys were serious, you’d observe the same about EVERY other Republican candidate (except maybe Kasich).

  11. Maybe if Trump knew some basic tenets of Constitutional law, he might be credible, but he would still be still unsuitable to be president of this nation! As retired military, and a Republican for the past 40 years I find him unfit, unsuitable, and incomprehensible as a candidate for the Presidency of this nation. He promises his supporters the world, but he will not be able to deliver a thing. Trump is so divisive in nature that he will not have the support of either party to get anything passed. Donald Trump is exactly who he presents to be, a megalomaniac, and not a candidate for the presidency, not one that I could morally and consciously choose.

  12. Speaking as someone not affiliated with a political party since 2002, both parties have failed to implement policies capable of producing an exponential economic growth rate that can offset the exponential rate of debt growth.

    Both parties have also failed to win the terrorist war by not implementing a campaign of annihilation to destroy the enemy and their will to fight.

    As American capitalism enters an advanced stage of decay, the post WWII economic and international order is crumbling across the globe. A financially and militarily overextend United States is heading face first into a multi polar regional realignment.

    Trump has turned the amplifier up to 11 and is striking 2 power chords. Essentially he is jamming out elements of mercantilism and structural realism.

    Trump is hammering home mercantilist policies on the balance of trade, tariffs, exchange rates, export platforms, and protectionism.

    Trump also seems to be hammering home core principles of structural realism, such as anarchy being inherent in the international system, states being the most important actors in that system, and states doing what it takes to maximize their survival, security, and independence.

    Both mercantalism and structural realism fly in the face of the Republican and Democratic Parties. The dysfunctional incrementalists in both parties cling to their failed idealistic ideology with very poor results to hold up as a success.

    1. Trump has no idea, whatsoever, what structural realism is, what its core tenets are or what it means for foreign policy. For example, what influence would you say Trump’s aggressive policy towards China would have on the classic ‘security dilemma’ paradigm, a basic concept of structural realism? Do you think that makes the United States more or less secure in an anarchical international system?

  13. Speaking as an Australian, I am very, very concerned about the prospect of our greatest ally and primary strategic partner – the power which underpins a secure and prosperous region – being led by Donald Trump, the guy with the funny haircut who I watched on the Apprentice.

    I guarantee you, this fear is widespread amongst the entire US alliance. Is this guy going to start an unnecessary war with China that will be catastrophic for Australian security and property? You dont think Japanese leaders are asking the same questions? The credibility of american leadership is on the line, indeed, the credibility of the american political system as well. Acquiescing to US leadership in the region is only acceptable to other powers if US leadership is responsible.

    I don’t care if he’s a republican or a democrat, but he or she has to be a credible, rational leader. From everything I have seen to this point, Trump is not that.

  14. I LOVE that… On so many level.
    For exemple, reading comments like “Turns out WOTR is left-wing too” !
    It tells so much ! So much about how some medias in the US, together with the Republican party have injected crazy populism and irantional thinking into the political spectrum. It even contaminated journalism. So much that now, having Natsec scholars and big names signing an open letter against a guy who can comment on his penis in a presidential debate can be considered by some as “Leftist”. We’re not far from intelligence/reality being leftist.
    The sole fact that those GOP natsec leaders HAVE TO publish this letter is terrible… With the world we live in, the dangers, terrorism and climate change at the door… Their time and efforts are taken fighting TRUMP ! Not learning or teaching on the middle east, figuring out the past errors. It just tells so much for us Europeans.
    See, we also have a rising far right populism here… But there are huge differencies : First, we experienced fascism first hand, we had to suffer through it and we’re very aware of the way it works. Which means even the most populist movments we have are nothing compared to Trump discourse. Those leaders like Le Pen in France have to be really subtle, intelligent and historically knowledgable to maneuver throught our political spectrum. The other huge difference is the state of our economy… We are just amazed at how well the US recovered from the 2008 crisis. Your GDP and unemployment rate are just astounding to US, you can compare the numbers on various economic publications. Moreover, when recovering from this economic crisis, you managed to advance towards the goal of a universal healthcare, something most of developped countries had… To cut if short, we’re just in total disbelief at the hate/anger medias and The Republican managed to produce towards Obama while for an outsider he did a pretty good job; Sure he wasn’t as hawkish in foreign affairs, maybe a little weak on Assad and you’re still dealing with a massive debts.. But still it seems to us like a massive improvment. So now, after all this nonsense and hatred some of the right wing pundits produced, the Republican Party is finally waking up and realizing they created a monster. They needed to be better at communicating with minorities and they now have a dumb illiterate bigot as a candidate. It’s so nonsensical that a conservative party which is suppose to fight for traditional values have turned its core voters to worship Trump… No substance, no program, no ideas… Just bullying . But YOU guys are all somewhat responsible for that. Even WOTR that I like and read, had sometimes articles or podcast containing total nonsense or denying reality (Iraq war lies, George Bush errors and 911 happening under his watch // economic recovery better than any other devpt countries under Obama // Climate change being very real). It was never as clear as on Fox News, but in a subtle way with some comments of the cuff, a little sentence here and there. So yeah, too late ! Now you have a guy “Telling things like they really are”.

      1. Of course ! Don’t think that because we think Trump is an idiot or because we had strong disagreements on Irak we cannot be tough on terrorism. Has of drone strikes, some of the terrorists that did those attacks were actually french/belgian… But we are doing a lot, we went to war in Mali for exemple… And we were ready to back the Russians in Syria, but I think the Obama administration was against it.

    1. Don’ t delude yourself into thinking Trump is “telling like it is”, that is a ridiculous statement. He is only telling you what you want to hear so he can get your vote. Again, if HE were to get elected he would not have the support of either party to get anything accomplished, and would have to rule by “executive orders” much like another president I know. Eventually people are going to realize this, Trump is not being nominated as dictator!

  15. What the establishment has given us: 0-6 COINs in VN, Lebanon, Mogadishu, AFG, Iraq, ISIS–need new policy/doctrine, please; USN sailors on their knees, disarmed, quivering, and crying, their female shipmate forced to conform to Islam (imagine the reverse); so called elite US university students (for the most part trustfunders or free ride affirmative action types) trashing America past and present while their Chinese communist nationalist counterparts praise China present and future, (guess who wins a (the) future clash?); beheading of a fellow citizen followed by a round of golf with a millionaire; an allied pilot burned alive followed by a lecture on … Jim Crow?; stay tuned: high fiving Raul over baseball, donning guayaveras while Chesimard cheers on; Pew: communist/hard left parties never, ever had confidence in the US, neither Dem nor Rep, (esp France) except in Jan ’09, leading to faux stats–pulse Tehran, south Beirut, Havana, St Denis, Molenbeek today. Another Nobel, why not? Qods Force generals leading, bleeding and dying from the front, so Aleppo is soon retaken. Quagmire? where is our natsec establishment? one stars? on wifi snuggled in their motel 6 pods behind walls. My left wing friends, foreign and US, please do not pretend that you have all the answers, and that all is well. The next war we lose might take a piece out of us, and I do not mean just territory. I accept that you care about this country. Please understand I/we do too.

    1. I totally get your point and your anger with establishment. Still, I cannot see how Trump is any different. He’s all about money and politics, “buying” politicians and bragging about it. To me it’s not a right/left issue. But your points are good.

  16. I admire the efforts here to shine some light on this Trump media sensation. I think this social media tidal wave is the result of a number of conditions that have been brewing for 50 years or more: The power of television, the decline of our education system (less science, industrial arts), and the perpetual appetite for salasious drama and violence. Our mass media infrastructure is the best in the world. The proliferation of ISIS is evidenced by using just bits and pieces of it. Donald Trump is the Frankenstein of this mass media experiment. I hope our large media executives recognize what a wonderful tool and opportunity that is at the waiting. Instead of catering to the lustful desire of our undereducated, why not lift them up with some real reality and social enlightenment? If we survive this ugly storm, the one good consequence is that perhaps this Frankenstein can only be defeated by Democrats and Republicans coming together. My hat’s off to those who wrote this letter and were willing to stand behind it.

  17. Glad to see this. I wish this type of criticism, criticism based on Trump’s previous statements and actions – you know… facts, mattered to his supporters. Unfortunately though, I think it is now perfectly clear that they do not. I understand and echo the frustration and contempt for what Washington politics has become. But electing a man with no real substantive policies or plans, and one who preys on fears and prejudices of the ignorant and uniformed, will not only make things much worse, it is most certainly not the answer to that frustration. Regardless of what you may think of the other three Republican candidates, or the two possible Democratic nominees, over the past several months this election has become less about what specific direction America should take for it’s future, and, unfortunately, it’s become much more about saving America from unbelievably reckless ignorance and those people that wish to give it power. In other words, stopping a megalomaniac, Donald Trump, from winning the Presidency. I really hope it can be done.

  18. You invented him……..By blocking everything President Obama has tried too do (personally i think congress did it cuz his is black) and the grid lock in congress people are sick of it….sso they want a change and here he is……..A Hitler -ish type of candidate look it up 1932 is not much different that 2016……He’s your boy like it or not

  19. I think the establishment is unfairly against Mr Trump. I am going to vote for him because we need a change. He’s his own man and I hope some of the trade agreements are changed…. I like buying products made in USA… I have faith in Donald Trump. My household has two votes and we’re for Trump… Sincerely , Sylvia Kuhn

    1. With all due respect, Ma’am, your problem is your statement of support for Trump:

      “I have faith in Donald Trump”.

      We in the USA are a nation of laws and not men or women. We don’t put our faith in individuals, we put our faith in America and the founding and sustaining ideals and principles of this nation. No mere man or woman can save you or give you what you want.

      Placing faith in personalities – let along those personalities as corrupt, dishonest, venal, and stupid as Donald Trump – is not the American way. Our first Commander in Chief and first President himself had the humility to turn down a Kingship at the end of our successful Revolutionary War, and to stand down after two terms as President, when the masses were prepared to give him the power to undo the American Revolution. Does any sentient person on this planet believe that Donald Trump would do anything but that which pads his ego and his bank account, and America and Americans and everyone else be damned?

      No, ma’am. Do not put your faith in the six time serial bankrupter. Banks years ago stopped lending Donald Trump money, forcing him to sell his soul to Russian oligarchs, for whose dictatorial, murderous leader he now professes open admiration.

      Put your faith in America to get it right far more often than we get it wrong. Because we are who we are – and we are NOT losers.

  20. he’s got you believing his lies and ignoring his hypocritical actions. he changes his position on issues at will and denies he ever held the opposite view. he is unstable and a danger to our well being and physical safety. and it’s nice that you like to buy things made in the USA but you should know that his own corporate signature line was made in China and Mexico. he’s been outsourcing his company’s jobs and he’s also been caught using illegal immigrants to build his hotel and after they did the work he didn’t pay them what he’d promised. we know this because he was found guilty of defrauding the union by using illegals. he’s a fake and he only values himself. the facts that make him the worst candidate in history have already been gloriously covered.

  21. So, what in the world is it going to take for people who have supported Trump to take a stand? I’m talking about Americans, not Republicans, or Democrats. Americans. This country has such a great history, you risk throwing it all away with Trump. You risk peace in the world. Please think about it.

  22. Sorry, guys. You don’t (and can’t) rein in a mad man, and make no mistake, the Republican candidate is just that. To support him one more day puts your party in the same camp with him. Trump won’t quit this race unless there is something in it for him. Maybe he can be ousted, but I doubt it. He isn’t about to leave on his own. All of which means the GOP is screwed — and so are the rest of us if he becomes President.

  23. His “hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric” is nothing against the hateful anti-christian and anti-western rhetoric of our so called “partners in the Islamic world”…
    Just look at all the hate and violence paid for by Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan…you know, our “partners” who financed 9/11 and shielded Bin-Laden…

    “His admiration for foreign dictators such as Vladimir Putin is unacceptable for the leader of the world’s greatest democracy.”

    Yeah, he should better admire the Saudi King’s (aren’t they dictators too ?)
    Or the terror and hate funding Qatari elite and rulers…
    Or Erdogan, the islamist strongman (“dictator”) of Turkey…
    Or the Pakistanis who finance global terrorists and shielded Bin-Laden…

    …yeah, these are “our partners in the Islamic world”…

    1. Ed,
      What’s even more amusing is that many of the ‘signers’ including Mary Beth Long now want jobs in the Administration. Evidently DJT and company are not interested in their resumes. My what a difference two years and an election makes…