Hacking Defense and Iraq’s Controversial Security Groups


We have a two-parter for you in this episode. First, WOTR’s Ryan Evans spoke with Steve Blank of Silicon Valley fame about his new course, “Hacking Defense.” The class just launched at Stanford, but Steve has plans to proliferate it around the country. Will this course help change the way we approach national defense?

Next, Ryan sat down with Basam Ridha Al Hussaini. Basam works for Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi and was in Washington to talk to U.S. officials about the Popular Mobilization Units, a Iraqi security program that mobilizes armed groups – including sectarian groups responsible for terrible violence during the Iraq War – to fight the Islamic State. While these groups are controversial and – some say – too close to Iran, they have been undeniably important in rolling back the Islamic State. Hear Basam make the case for this program and talk about its future in Iraq, post-Islamic State.

Have a listen!