PODCAST: A Novelist and a Historian Walk Into a Bar


In today’s podcast, John Amble talks to August Cole of the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project and B.J. Armstrong, a historian and naval officer, about how we approach the critical task of forecasting the future of warfare. In the discussion, we examine the comparative merits of history and fiction as sources of lessons with which to understand, make predictions about, and prepare for warfare in the future.

Somewhat sadly, this podcast’s title isn’t entirely accurate. This is one of those rare War on the Rocks podcasts that we did not record over drinks. I trust you’ll make up for our shortcoming in this respect by imbibing on our behalf while you listen.


Buy August’s book, Ghost Fleet, and B.J.’s book, 21st Century Sims. B.J.’s opinions, of course, do not represent those of the U.S. Navy or the Department of Defense.


Photo credit: k rupp (adapted by WOTR)