David Ignatius on WOTR: Influential, Provocative, and Invaluable


Editor’s note: We asked War on the Rocks readers to tell other readers, in their own words, why they love WOTR. The responses we received have been amazing. Here’s a very special one from David Ignatius of The Washington Post.

I’ve quoted War on the Rocks so often in my columns that I hope my readers have gotten curious about this source that’s so influential for many of us who follow national security.
War on the Rocks is the most provocative platform on military and security issues on the web. When I’m trying to make sense of an issue, a first stop for me is to see what’s been posted about it on WOTR. If you can call an outlet on defense hip and iconoclastic, this is it. An invaluable tool for people who follow national security.

David Ignatius, The Washington Post and author of “The Director.”