Alex Hecht takes the helm at Molotov Cocktail

April 13, 2015

War on the Rocks would like to welcome Alex Hecht on board as the editor of Molotov Cocktail – our blog for all things booze.

HechtAlex (@alexhechtdc) is a security analyst and the erstwhile general manager of the Gibson, DC’s premier pre-prohibition style cocktail bar. He is a graduate of the George Washington University with a degree in Political Science, and like any budding political scientist, cut his teeth bartending at various DC establishments.He owes much of his expertise to his time at Bourbon Steak under Kevin Diedrich and Duane Sylvestre and his time at Gibson under Jon Harris.

Alex has lived in DC since graduating in 2008, but hails from Long Island originally (don’t say Strong Island). His favorite cocktail varies, but he doesn’t think you can go wrong with a good Boulevardier (1 oz. each of Bourbon, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth – build in rocks glass, serve with orange twist). Alex’s interests include cocktails (obviously), military history and tactics, target shooting, the outdoors, and typically anything that involves using his hands.

You can pitch him Molotov Cocktail submissions at alex.hecht (at) warontherocks (dot) com. As long as you have experience drinking and something interesting to say about it, your submissions are welcome.