Strategy and Alcohol in One Stop

March 10, 2015

Editor’s note: We asked contributors to the War on the Rocks Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to tell other readers, in their own words, why they chose to support WOTR. The responses we received have been amazing. Here’s one of them.


Why do I support WOTR? It is the one place I can get both strategy discussions and alcohol discussions in one stop. In all honesty, what I appreciate most about WOTR is that the contributors are people who have gotten their feet dirty and sometimes their hands bloody. Too often now the so called “experts” on war have never heard a shot fired in anger; whereas many of the contributors to WOTR have fired shots in anger. We need this type of viewpoint today and a place to be able to express those viewpoints. That is why I enjoy WOTR and supported it from its Kickstarter inception to the current Indiegogo campaign.

— Rik Meyers




Photo credit: Dennis van Zuijlekom