If Clausewitz Were Alive Today


Editor’s note: We asked contributors to the War on the Rocks Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to tell other readers, in their own words, why they chose to support WOTR. The responses we received have been amazing. Here’s one of them.


If Clausewitz were alive today, he would be writing for War on the Rocks. In a world over-crowded with information noise and opinion blogs, it is important to choose carefully what to pay attention to. War on the Rocks is more than a well-designed, informative, and readable site. Its authority as a home for strategic thought that is both anchored in reality and forward-looking is rapidly becoming established. Given the inconclusiveness of U.S. performance in the recent past and the challenges of today, this is as sorely needed as it ever was. No question, there is plenty of room for War on the Rocks to grow.

— Todd Greentree, Research Associate, The Changing Character of War Programme, Oxford University