Addressing the Most Important Issues of Our Time

March 11, 2015

Editor’s note: We asked contributors to the War on the Rocks Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to tell other readers, in their own words, why they chose to support WOTR. The responses we received have been amazing. Here’s one of them.


I can’t remember when I first stumbled across War On The Rocks or who linked to it, but I do remember reading the “About” page where it said, “Realism teaches us how to think about the world, rather than what to think about it.” Exactly. Questions about foreign affairs and war and peace are some of the most important issues of our time. Unfortunately, much of the commentary out there on these issues runs the gambit from silly to profoundly dangerous. War On The Rocks is working to change this, and that’s a good thing for our country and the world.

On a broader note I would say that I suspect that I am sort of outside the WOTR mainstream. That is to say I’m a 31 year-old super liberal guy who lives in Minneapolis, used to work in Democratic politics, now works in the nonprofit sector and blogs as a hobby. This is probably not your core demographic when it comes to supporters. But I still wanted to support you guys because of the important work that you are doing. In fact it is not just having an impact in the military/foreign-policy/intellectual world (which it clearly is), but is actually filtering out into the great beyond (ie people like me read it). You and John and Jason and Lauren and the whole gang should be incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and shouldn’t lose sight of that.

Also let’s be honest, I’m really in it for that sweet whiskey tumbler.

— John Anderson