Tagging Afghanistan: Graffiti Art in a Combat Zone


Is the next Banksy an ISAF vet? This article from a while back just caught my attention (H/T to Doctrine Man for pointing it out). The piece explores graffiti art on the security barriers at Kandahar Airfield. Great write-up, fantastic photos.

If you’re in the ‘Stan and happen to pass by any graffiti art on your FOB, please take a snap and send it to me: kathleen.mcinnis@warontherocks.com. If we can muster enough material, we might turn it into some kind of online gallery.


Kathleen J. McInnis is a PhD candidate at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London and a Research Consultant at Chatham House.  She served as a Pentagon strategist from 2006-2009.  She is the editor of the WOTR series, Art of War.


Photo credit: Daniel Naish

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