McGrath: What kind of Navy should we have?

July 19, 2013
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WOTR Contributor Bryan McGrath, who wrote a provocative myth-busting piece on AirSea Battle for us, spoke last night at the Navy Warfare Development Command in Norfolk.  Not only is it very much worth watching, but it should get you excited about next week, when WOTR is featuring a counter-attack to some of Bryan’s broadsides in support of AirSea Battle.

Watch Byran here.



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2 thoughts on “McGrath: What kind of Navy should we have?

  1. What real purpose does it serve to have the bigger Navy McGrath believes in?

    One critical item he left out of his talk was the current 17Trillion dollar debt. I did not hear, unless i missed it, what the viable Rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul options were.

    I Think the Elephant in the room in the AirSea Battle debate is once those Anti-Access operations are successful and boots are on the ground, what boots will these be and will they be capable of performing stability Operations. Will a MEU be capable of long term operations? Will they want the MEU to be capable of those long term operations; and if the answer is no, then who will do the heavy lifting of Stability Operations? I think we know the answer to that question but no-body wants to say it – I will – The US Army.

    1. I believe the point is to avoid performing stability operations because of their high cost and low impact on our national security (i.e. actual threats to U.S. hegemony). His focus is strategic, focusing on these potential threats to America (i.e. other great powers).