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The Nagorno-Karabagh Situation

August 12, 2022

Episode Notes:

A year-and-a-half after the end of the second Nagorno-Karabagh war, Azerbaijan has launched renewed attacks against Armenian forces, with little response from Russian peacekeepers.

Here to discuss the situation is Neil Hauer. Neil is a freelance Canadian journalist, analyst, and researcher writing on Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus. He has lived in and reported on the region for half a decade for outlets including CBC, CNN and The Atlantic.


[ 0:48 ] Situation on the ground

[ 2:41 ] Is it the end of fighting?

[ 3:36 ] Russian peacekeepers

[ 4:43 ] Connection to the war in Ukraine

[ 6:09 ] Armenia’s position

[ 7:49 ] Armenian-Turkish rapprochement

[ 9:31 ] Western response

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